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Cathy asks:
I recently changed to a cheaper hairdresser and am having problems. I have dark brown hair which has been highlighted with blonde/brown. I recently changed to a cheaper hairdresser. My old hairdresser used Loreal platinum on my hair which she said was much kinder as no bleach (which I wasnít sure was true), but my new hairdresser uses 20 volume bleach. My hair feels really dry now, is it a result of the bleach and would I be better going back to the platinum?

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
The L`Oreal Platinum is a great product, and providing it is applied and developed correctly you should have no problem.

As with all colouring you need to ensure you use the best conditioning treatments you can afford to ensure your colour and tone stay vibrant, as well as your hair been in tip top condition. ...More >

Always, always ensure you have a strand test done prior to a colour application especially when going to a new hairdresser.

Depending what DEPTH of brown your hair is you should be able to get a good clean blonde tone with tint, this is much kinder to your hair than any bleach.

Ask your stylist to take a strand test and apply a high lift tint with 12% peroxide. This should be left to develop for 30-40 minutes and your will see the result as well as the condition of the hair section prior to an overall colour application.

Good Luck.

Dawn asks:
My afro Caribbean hair will not relax, I have used most recommended products on the market and they leave the hair in a non straightened state. The natural curl of the hair is loosened but not straight. Help me I do not know what to do. I have tried dark and lovely, Revlon realistic, motions tcb soft and beautiful botanicals, optimum, sunsilk, olive oil just about all of them, what can I do or which relaxer can I use that will actually straighten my hair as promised.

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
I suggest you go to a salon where they use a process called Yuko system this is a process that will smooth and straighten your hair and is very popular. Give it a try and good luck

Olivia asks:
Recently I had a permanent colour mid brown as quasis washed out after 3 weeks it is 5 weeks since having it done and it is going lighter I am 59 my hair is fine and I have been told permanents can damage your hair. I found it expensive as well Last November I had blonde highlights so that is why I decided to have a permanent as I donít want my hair to go to light too quickly What do you recommend?

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Permanent colour will not damage your hair is done correctly. Ensure you use good quality/professional shampoos and conditioners for colour treated hair. These will maintain the condition and moisture content to prolong the life of your hair colour investment. The worst thing for causing colour fade is electrical styling product, for example hairdryers as they dehydrate your hair which in turn increases colour fade. I would strongly recommend a professional 1900 Hairdryer as this will help maintain the moisture and hair condition helping prevent colour fade. You can also try using shampoos with a hint of colour too them to maintain your hair colour between salon visits. Good luck

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