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Mark asks:
Iím 48yrs old and my hair has been falling out for over 27 years now accompanied with a terrible scalp itch. I am not bald or have any bald patches showing but my hair is thinning rather fast and this itch is with me all the time it gets worse when its warm, any advice would be much appreciated.

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
As we get older, unfortunately we will suffer from thinning hair and while normally I would recommend volume enhancing products and styling tips. I would suggest you pop down to your GP and check up on the irritation you mention.

Chris asks:
I have used permanent colour for years - light ash brown - and have had occasional salon highlights. I have started to grow my hair out now; itís a dark blonde with some grey. The previously coloured hair looks a bit brassy now as the colour fades. Could I use a home semi- permanent colour to tone and even it out as it grows? I have a lightly layered shoulder length bob. I try to take good care of my hair, but at 60 it has been through the mill! I chose you as my íexpertí because I always wanted to tell you how good and reasonably priced your products are. They do what they say on the bottle and smell divine! Thank you for making such luxury affordable.

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
Thanks Chris, I really enjoyed your email - I love getting feedback about my hair care range, really pleased to hear you like it! It sounds to me like you want to go back to your natural colour, which is why I would try and stay away from even adding a semi-permanent colour to your roots. As you have high lights and quite ashy blonde hair I would recommend using my Poker Straight Dry Shampoo. This product is a light-coloured powder spray that can help to knock out the appearance of re-growth temporarily. This seasonís trend of head/alice bands are another great way of covering the dreaded root area. Head bands are a fantastic way to get full on sophistication and glamour with very little effort. Itís a super feminine look that requires full locks and a lot of lift at the root. A variation of the 1860ís Bardot look, head bands can be used to create big hair and big sex appeal! The band acts to create the illusion of fullness at the roots pushing hair back away from the face, making the hair kick out from underneath. Headbands will automatically transform your look from plain Jane to va va voom volume!

Chris, Iíve come up with a great tip for creating a frizz free voluminous, high glamour look, which will draw attention away from any root regrowth. First off, put your locks in big velcro rollers when it is dry. Blast your hair all over with a hot hair dryer and leave in for twenty mins. Give your hair a fine mist of hairspray all over; try Hold Tight. When that has dried remove the curlers and brush it out using a product like Messed Up Spray Wax which stops your hair from frizzing and gives it a slightly messy look. You can also use Poker Straight Dehumidifier to stop fuzzy waves. To control flyaway hair, spray a comb with hairspray and run it through your hair or simply spray some Shine Head Shine Spray over your hair for the ultimate glass like effect. Then simply push the headband from the front of your hair to the back ensuring that it is set quite far back to open up your face and so it is less severe. Pull some strands out at the front to soften the look and to get that sex kitten flirtatious feel.

Margaret asks:
I have thinning hair and would like to get a perm to make it look thicker is that ok or a No No!

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
This is all very well but please try some thickening styling products before you have it permed to really see if you need to actually have it permed to create this kind of thickness.

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