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Anonymous asks:
Iím a guy with medium-short hair that is thick, coarse and straight. My problem is that it sticks out at the sides and side burns, rather than growing flat on the sides where the side burns are. My solution so far is to just shave off the sides and have shorter hair that I have to style. My problem with that is that with short hair, my hair stands our everywhere without styling. Would appreciate any advice on that, thanks!

Warren HolmesAnswered By:
Warren Holmes
This is a common problem with straight Asian hair. The solutions are as you have been doing take it shorter, but by taking it shorter that doesnít mean you have to have a military style hair cut, grow the length on top for instance. There are two important things you need done and that is, haircut needs texture, the ends need to be shattered so there is texture difference in length and Product, a strong holding wax if covered all over the head will weigh down and control the protruding hair at the sides. Failing that why not grow it longer, there will come a point when your hair can no longer stick straight out, gravity will take its cause and weigh it down. It needs to be long, so you need to go through that grown out stage, but once longer get a seamless hair cut that encourages movement and texture you will find it much easier.

Kim asks:
I had a Brazilian blowout on my baby fine hair and it was singed during the iron out process. Is there anything other than cutting it off. I heard that conditioner will not penetrate the hair shaft with the Keratin coating.

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
Unfortunately it is true that most conditioners will not penetrate the hair because of the Keratin coating, however all of the Keratin treatments also offer their own range of conditioning products which may help. Failing this the only other option is to have your hair cut.

Kerryann asks:
I have fine hair and struggle to style it what can I do?

Warren HolmesAnswered By:
Warren Holmes
Get yourself a good haircut, ideally shorter, collarbone length being ideal. The perimeter of your hair needs to be heavy to create a strong outline shape. Layers can still be added, visually they will create more volume. Aim to get a haircut that requires very little styling. Products are very important, we have a body building spray called Nicky Clarke Hair Raising that is immense and my favourite product for fine hair, use it on the roots and mid lengths. Light Mousseís are also really good. The quicker you dry it in the better. Blunt heavy fringes are great because they make your hair look thick visually. For styling, Doughnuts, hair pads etc are all good for bulking hair out.

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