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Lisa asks:
I am getting married in Jan and I canít figure out how to wear my hair. I have an oval face and long straight hair. Itís going to be a formal evening reception and I do not want an updo. Could you please suggest something?

Charlotte MurrayAnswered By:
Charlotte Murray
Getting a bit of Romantic Movement into your hair could be the way to go depending on your dress. A large tong or hot roller set will give you a great wavy result. Do have a practice with your stylist. There are some fabulous hair slides that can be used for some colour and sparkle and make sure your colour is fresh and brings out the best in your skin tone. Ensure the condition is tip top by having treatments and using the best products. Redken is a fantastic range and has products for all hair types. Good luck and enjoy!

Chloe asks:
My hair is very thin (itís like baby hair) I have been trying to grow and thicken my hair for ages and it has not worked. I use very little heat on my hair and when I do I use heat protector. I want to get hair extensions and I was just wondering which are the best to get: micro-beads or clip-in? Or do you know of any technique in which I can get my hair thick or/and longer? (I would love to have hair like Selena Gomezís).

Rachel BakerAnswered By:
Rachel Baker
Selena Gomez has very beautiful hair I think I agree with you there, it would be lovely to have hair like hers. Is there any medical reason why your hair is very fine? I would suggest before you have extensions you see your GP to check that you are not on any medication that is affecting the growth and strength of your own hair. The best method for your own hair would be the Micro ring method. It is an adhesive and chemical free method that does not use heat to apply nor chemicals to remove. It is a tiny nickel ring that is looped onto your own hair and the hair extension bond is slipped threw the loop this is clamped shut and trimmed down. You must ensure that this is fitted by a qualified professional. As for the growth of your own hair I would recommend taking some vitamin B complex, drinking lots of water, eat well and try to stay away from the straighteners, curlers, and any harsh hair products such as colours, perms, and even harsh shampoos. This will all make a big difference. Hope this has helped!

Becki asks:
I have thick hair and I straighten it but it always looks so flat is there any techniques I could use or tell me the best product to use.

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
Constantly straightening your hair will thin it over time which isnít a good thing. There is nothing wrong with having thick hair, you just need to know how to manage and maintain it in order to get the best results. I recommend using a specific shampoo and conditioner for thicker hair in order to tame and also use a treatment such a my Poker Straight Intensive Treatment which helps put the love back into battered hair which is styled a lot. Keep the volume and thickness to a certain extent by blow-drying your hair in layers after washing and use a paddle brush. Afterwards, use your straighteners to go over the ends to get a sleek, straight finish. Always use heat protection spray to stop your ends from breaking and finish with a shine spray for a glossy, gorgeous look!

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