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Sonya asks:
Hope you may be able to help me, for years I have had greasy hair, I have tried all the shampooís going, from the cheap ones up to the more expensive ones, once its been washed, a few hours later, its full of grease again, and its the fringe that tends to go first, I have spent a fortune, and nothing works, I have tried everything, please Lee, do you have any advice for me, I donít know what to do

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
I get loads of questions about greasy hair and even though there is no magic remedy for this problem, there are many things you can do to help.

Greasy hair can seem like a Catch 22 situation: you wash your hair regularly to get rid of the build up but this constant washing actually encourages the production of sebum (the nasty stuff that actually makes hair greasy) and worsens the situation. ...More >

Wash hair every other day with a cleansing shampoo - try my brand new Bling Hair Rehab Detox Shampoo which gently removes stubborn build up and pollution. Remember to shampoo 2-3 times whenever you wash your hair as well; thisíll make it feel fresher for longer.

Follow with a light conditioner like my Bling Hair Rehab Intense Conditioner but try to avoid applying this to your roots to avoid that grease creeping in

The fringe is always the first area to get greasy because it sits closest to your forehead, so if youíre at home, just pin it back to get it off your face. If youíre out, though, and want to keep your fringe down, I would recommend a quick spritz of my Poker Straight Dry Shampoo for Oily Roots. This will revitalise and refresh the root area, reducing the greasy appearance and making it look bouncy and clean. Keep a mini one in your handbag and apply whenever you feel the grease building up.

Maryam asks:
I have been having my hair relaxed for the past 2 years but still carried on straightening it every other day. My hair is now so damaged that I have lots of split ends and breakage every time I brush my hair. My hair is quite thin as I lose a lot. I have been using shampoo and conditioner from the Nioxin range as well as their styling products. My hairdresser has recommended a steam conditioning treatment which I will be having next week. She also advised me to buy the T3 Wet to Dry Straighteners. I do not know if they will be suitable for my hair though.

Tony MaleedyAnswered By:
Tony Maleedy
It sounds like your hair needs a long holiday! If you chemically straighten your hair do you still need to straighten it with heat every other day? I think you should give either the relaxing or the heat straightening a miss and focus on getting your hair back in good condition. Your hairdressers suggestion about steam treatments is good, have a few of these to increase the moisture content of your hair, this will strengthen it and increase its elasticity, thus greatly reducing the breakage you have been experiencing. Also, the Wet2Straight from Remington is a very good hair straightener that will straighten your hair excellently whilst reducing the damage that, typically, conventional hair straighteners cause. Also, use rich, deep penetrating reconditioning treatments a hope a couple of times a week. Your hair will soon start to improve, stop breaking and grow longer

Samie asks:
I have thick hair that goes to about my chest. Throughout the day, even if Iíve washed the night before, my hair starts to get limp, stringy, and greasy. Iíve tried dry shampoo and baby powder, but neither seem to be working, it just makes my hair chalky in addition to looking gross and oily. What can I do???

Barbara DaleyAnswered By:
Barbara Daley
Hi Samie,

It sounds like you hair is prone to getting oily which is quite common, and nothing to worry over, I would recommend that you start to manage this by changing your homecare regime to something designed specifically to tackle greasy roots. Kerastase bain divalent is by far the best product on the market for this type of hair in my opinion. The shampoo is very concentrated so only requires a small amount to work (roughly the size of a fifty pence piece), it is not designed to lather on the first shampoo so donít worry of it doesnít foam up. Spread the shampoo with the flats of your hands accross the whole of your head, if itís particularly greasy use less water on the first shampoo as this will dilute the product. Once the shampoo has been spread accross the hair leave it for a minute before massaging or scrubbing, this will allow the product to work by it self and over massging can encourage the sebaceous gland to produce more oil throughout the day. I would give it 2 shampoos and then, if conditioner is needed, use something really light and just on the ends of the hair to detangle and rinse straight away. Keep the conditioner away from the roots. ...More >

I would also recommend drying your hair rather than it to dry naturally but avoid over working it, so blast dry the majority, if not all, and style as you like, drying it off rather than leaving it to dry tends dry out the hair a little bit so makes it less greasy looking.

The cut make also be weighing your hair down by the sounds of things, having a bit of scaffolding or shape to pull the hair away from the face might also give it more life and stop it feeling so dull and limp. Colour is also a great way to dry out oily roots whenever my hair needs colouring it tends to be more oily so again this could be something you might like to consider to give it a bit more hold and body.

Finally, whilst dry shampoos are great for absorbing grease i agree they can make your hair look dull and chalky, tec ni art do a fantastic hairspray in their new wild stylers range called next day hair which is a spray that contains a powder. Spray directly into the roots section by section to give body and hold without the chalky texture youíve been experiencing. This product is great as little top up through the day if youíve noticed your hair going a bit limp.

I hope this all helps and you start to see some results.

Barbara x

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