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Marco asks:
Hi i am marco a dutch 16 year ond boy, and i am looking for a new hairstyle. i am (dark) blond. can you help me? (please not short)

Matt StarkAnswered By:
Matt Stark
blonde hair generally looks great grown out . I would recommend keeping your fringe really long and the sides tailored to about two to three inches .Use minimum product and you will get a cool surfy young Leonardo Di Caprio style. This look is very on trend right now sexy but strong!

Hayley asks:
My friend got her hair done by a hairdresser in November and had a toner put on there but she no longer wants the colour she wants to dye her a medium blonde and its a claroi one brought from a shop she hasn’t done it yet but wants to know if it safe to dye her hair as she cant afford to go hairdressers

Ken PictonAnswered By:
Ken Picton
Colouring your hair at home can lead to a multitude of disasters: if the colour is lighter than your existing colour you will end up with root glow (this is when your roots are brighter/lighter than the mid lengths leaving you with an uneven result, if the colour is too dark then the colour could sink or grab existing pre-lightened hair resulting in darker areas where the porosity of the hair shaft differs. ...More >

My suggestion would be to ask your salon for a colour which has more longevity to it, such as ombre or dip dye as this leave behind minimal roots and fewer trips to the salon. Alternatively you could enquire at your salon about their training days and be a model for that as you would be charged a much smaller fee.

If you do decide to go ahead with home colour, remember to skin test with the products 48 hours before applying.

Jenny asks:
I’ve been a light ash blonde most my life and recently decided to try something different and go brown. Trying to ease into this transition I chose to do a light brown all over my hair first to see how dark I could handle turned an ashy green color. Tried to fix it the next day by putting over that a semi -permanent warm medium brown as advised by the worker at Sally’s, but that didn’t help much just made it a darker ash. Deeply regretting ever changing my blonde hair I was wondering if stripping that hair color could possibly bring me back closer to my original blonde. Wondering if the product Color Oops could actually work on salvaging my blonde color without it turning orange or brassy.?

Karine JacksonAnswered By:
Karine Jackson
Colouring your hair yourself will always be tricky as everyone’s hair reacts to colour differently. To go back to dark you’ll need to replace what has been taken out; the undertones of red, orange and yellow. If there is any ash in the hair, it will always come out as ash as this is the dominant tone in your hair; this needs to be removed first before any colouring. Putting a neutral base will always turn ash as the ash is a natural base – once ash is in the hair you’ll have to strip all the ash out before re-colouring. My advice is to go to a good salon and get it done professionally. They will have everything to hand to get a great colour for you – colouring takes a hairdresser years to learn so trust them rather than attempting something you’re unsure of.

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