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Krista asks:
Hi, Iím a 16 year old girl who wants to cut her hair short.

I have black, fine thin hair. If I get a short haircut, I want to make it as big and fluffy as possible.. I think the best way would be to damage it as much as possible by dying it. I would like to hear your thoughts on that! And another question. If I get short hair, can I just layer my hair from the crown?

Gary RussellAnswered By:
Gary Russell
Firstly, yes, damaging your hair will create a different texture however i feel this is not the way to go to achieve the best results . By all means use some color (and remember to skin test yourself first, using a small amount of color behind the ear and leave for 48 hours) however not to the point of being damaged . You can achieve great texture from products alone. I would recommend Redken Wax Blast (No 10) when your hair is dry blast with the hairdryer and spray the wax in at the same time. You could also use Redkenís Powder Grip. This will mattify the hair and add volume just shake a small amount onto the roots when dry and style as normal. Now as for the layering from the crown it depends on what shape you are going for . The best thing would be to see a stylist and ask for direction on this as itís hard to say without seeing what look you are aiming fo, r and also what would suit your hair and face shape.

Have fun with the new look Krista hair is meant to be played with.

Claire asks:
Hi, I have two little girls, 16 months and 3 years old. The are mixed race. White and a quarter Caribbean. Please can you advise me on the best hair care routine and hair care Products for their hair. Many thanks

Marion BurnsAnswered By:
Marion Burns
Mixed race can be many textures and curl types, ringlets, tight afro, fine coarse, loose bouncy?? Once you have established your childrenís hair type you can approach it accordingly. ...More >

Very curly can matt and tangle easily and the instinct is to keep brushing probably more often than necessary,

At 3yrs it is a good idea to include you little one when you are brushing her hair, the best brush for this is the Tangle teezer, always start from the ends moving up the shaft of hair.. Maybe having a time once a week to teach her how to brush out her hair doing your own can demonstrate this.

If you use a pareben sulphate free shampoo and conditioner you get much better conditioned hair.

Keeping hair plaited for sleeping helps and or slippy pillow helps (satin really soft cotton )

A detangler is essential and you can mix conditioner with water in a spray to duplicate the same affect 1part conditioner 2 parts water.

A childs hair changes throughout childhood so adult products are a no no products such as Little sprout, Miniu, etc are formulated for children and are ideal.

As for routine keep it to every morning and evening for brushing , this will create a habit for your girls. Washing should be no more than twice a week , you can use the detangler daily.

Use soft bands not skinny ones as the hair can get caught in these and be very painful to remove.

Find a good hair salon, ask for referrals etc.,

Hope this helps Marion .

Bekky R asks:
Hello, I have a 3 year old girl with a nasty habit of hair chewing, no matter how much I tie it back. I know she is swallowing a substantial amount, which can be unhealthy, and her hair is very split and shredded at the front. I want to break the habit by cutting it short. Can anyone recommend a style and cutting method that will take it out of her reach? Furthermore, she has curly hair, which is dropping a bit now that it is shoulder length, especially as it is always tied back. I would like to restore her beautiful curls if possible.

Marion BurnsAnswered By:
Marion Burns
Hi there,

Yes you are absolutely right it is not healthy and a short pixie style will give you enough time to break the habit. ...More >

If you notice the curls dropping Iím afraid restoring the curl is not possible. If the hair at the roots is straight or straighter this is an indication of how her hair will be long term .

You can use a curl activator to encourage the hair if it has a wave, you apply this product after shampooing when towel dried. Check out Miniu brands . I highly recommend a Tangle teezer for brushing it puts minimal strain and tugging on the hair .

Hope this helps

Marion Burns UK childrenís hair expert

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