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Bekky R asks:
Hello, I have a 3 year old girl with a nasty habit of hair chewing, no matter how much I tie it back. I know she is swallowing a substantial amount, which can be unhealthy, and her hair is very split and shredded at the front. I want to break the habit by cutting it short. Can anyone recommend a style and cutting method that will take it out of her reach? Furthermore, she has curly hair, which is dropping a bit now that it is shoulder length, especially as it is always tied back. I would like to restore her beautiful curls if possible.

Marion BurnsAnswered By:
Marion Burns
Hi there,

Yes you are absolutely right it is not healthy and a short pixie style will give you enough time to break the habit. ...More >

If you notice the curls dropping I’m afraid restoring the curl is not possible. If the hair at the roots is straight or straighter this is an indication of how her hair will be long term .

You can use a curl activator to encourage the hair if it has a wave, you apply this product after shampooing when towel dried. Check out Miniu brands . I highly recommend a Tangle teezer for brushing it puts minimal strain and tugging on the hair .

Hope this helps

Marion Burns UK children’s hair expert

Dana asks:
Good day Gary! Last year my hair was bleached in salon 3 (!) times to get rid of henna. The idea was to remove henna...well, my hair turned up to be green/grey. I let cut the most of it and colored hair with semi-perm hair dye in brown (level 5-6). My own hair are dark blond (level 6). I will not take riskto go to the salon again even if i was paid for (it was one of the best salon in the country) and I am still very upset with what happened with my hair. I have a fear to do to the hairdresser again. No idea, why here in Holland the master just will not listen the wish of the client. Question: with which product can I remove red-brown tint of hair and recolor it to warm blond level 7 -8 myself (or with the help of someone, not "professional").Thank you in advance, Dana.

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Hi Dana.

OMG!!! This is very difficult. ...More >

I would not try and do this yourself as It is very difficult.

Without seeing what your hair is like I would visit a professional salon for Advice.

Ask them all the relevant questions you are asking here and take their advice.

This is not a simple task and the salon you first attended should have ensured that you as a client were serviced correctly but unfortunately I hear this too often.

You may have to compromise on what you actually want as a result as it will be very difficult indeed to actually get the colour you require with an even outcome given there is no doubt you will have natural regrowth also.

I would recommend that a strand test is taken from root to tip so that the result can be seen even before you contemplate a full head colour.



Izzi asks:
Hi Darren, my name is Izzi and I have a question regarding colouring. I have natural medium blonde hair that was highlighted last summer. I want to go to silver/white though, which I know requires bleaching and a lot of maintenance. was wondering if you had any advice on how to do it (at home or in a salon) and if you think it would be worth the effort? I don’t have damaged hair so I wouldn’t be too worried about the bleach, but I’d just like some extra info and advice from someone who knows what they’re talking about! Thank you.

Darren AmbroseAnswered By:
Darren Ambrose
Izzi you’re my dream client! This process is very achievable on your hair but I would only recommend doing this in salon with a professional colour specialist. Get your skin and hair tested appropriately. Also prepare yourself for high maintenance as this is one look that doesn’t Look great with roots. Also you’ll want to prepare yourself for some home maintenance. Keeping a white blonde white, especially in the summer months mean regular use of. A silver shampoo and a good range of hydrating products to keep your hair’s moisture levels up. Come and see me!

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