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Chelsea: asks:
My hair is extremely, extremely dry. It keeps breaking even though I cut the ends. Itís very long and I so badly want to keep it long but Iím struggling so much. I have tried olive oil treatments and it only works for a while. I do straighten it sometimes but on a very low heat and also I donít straighten all, only the very curly parts. My hair is straight with only a few waves or curls underneath. Lately itís very frizzy if I donít straighten it. I do dye my hair. Is there any treatment I can use on it to just stop it from breaking and splitting and being so hard and dry?

Benjamin ShipmanAnswered By:
Benjamin Shipman
If you are looking for a more longer-lasting smoothing solution to tame your mane, I would recommend the Kebelo ADVANTAGE in-salon treatment, as this is a fast, easy and affordable way to gain smooth, glossy and manageable hair. The three-part system, which uses Carbocysteine smoothing technology, works on each and every hair strand, adding strength, giving support and boosting shine. The best part? The treatment lasts up to 100 days, equating to weeks of frizz-free hair and reducing the need to use straightening irons.

The Kebelo BONDAGE Weekly Colour Masque would also be a great product for your hair Ė this can work in synergy with the ADVANTAGE treatment, prolonging its results. This unique strengthening treatment, used once a week at home, delivers an instant injection of strength to the bonds within your colour-treated hair, leaving it visibly stronger, healthier and repaired, and of course, looking great!

Jane asks:
I am after some hair care advice for my teenager. He has curly hair which he wears just above his shoulders and ties back on occasion. Its very similar to Jon Snowís style from Game of Thrones (sorry for use of this for description).. Over the last year the hair at the sides of his crown, above his ears, has broken off on both sides and hasnít really grown back (thereís about an inch of fluffy hair) which looks odd when tied back as it sticks out. Its really knocking his confidence and he is starting to worry (heís 19) that he is going to lose his hair since its not growing as fast as the rest. He is driving me crazy, so I would be so grateful if you could give this tormented mum (who also has curly hair) some advice....thank you in advance..

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
This could be one of a few things, new growth, or breakage from tension from tucking behind his ears , tying back and even combing or brushing.

My advice is the make sure you he isnít doing the above too vigorously, take a hair supplement temporarily apply conditioner to the fluffy areas and gently comb through before rinsing and use a wax based styling product to smooth and tame the short areas whilst they grow back in.

Alice asks:
I was a blonde for about 2 years and I was getting half head of foils every six months. While I was blonde my hair used to dry in gorgeous loose ringlet curls and I loved my hair it was so easy to style and I could just towel dry it and it would look end up with this gorgeous beachy curly look. My hair started going really dark so I decided to go brunette. Now that I am a brunette I have lost all of my lovely curls and I donít know how to get them back! Iím assuming that I got the curls because my hair was so dry from all the bleaching and now that Iím not bleaching it its healthier and therefore doesnít curl. Can you suggest a way for me to get my curls back, maybe a way to dry it out? I really donít want to go back to blonde but if its the only way to get my curls back I might have to!

Please help currently my hair is just horrible and I am really hating because it doesnít have nice curls it just looks ratty

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
You curls shouldnít disappear due to your hair being better condition, my advise is use a curl enhancing shampoo, conditioner and styling aid that has magnesium in it ( should state) make sure you comb the styling product through and use a diffuser a few times rather than leave the hair to dry naturally. There are lots of great leave in curl enhancing sprays to this may help too.

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