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Krista asks:
Hi, Iím a 16 year old girl who wants to cut her hair short.

I have black, fine thin hair. If I get a short haircut, I want to make it as big and fluffy as possible.. I think the best way would be to damage it as much as possible by dying it. I would like to hear your thoughts on that!

And another question. If I get short hair, can I just layer my hair from the crown?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Short hair is easier to create texture and body, perhaps do and midlength and practice with different styling and finishing products. Make sure your using a volumising shampoo and spray on leave in condition (protein) this way you will have more body and volume before you even start styling. Another tip is to make sure you comb the styling products through from root to tip. Dry shampoo is a must for fine. Having highlights would help add more texture but put you name down at some salons to be a model and they will give you some great advice.

Capri asks:
I dyed my hair using this permanent hair dye by LíOrťal hi colour in the colour Ďred copperí then I put a dark brown semi-permanent colour on my hair & now Iím trying to go back to a honey blonde or copper colour. Would I have to bleach my hair?

Hooker and YoungAnswered By:
Hooker and Young
I definitely wouldnít use bleach as it will leave your hair porous and damaged. If the colour is semi-permanent then Iíd suggest waiting for it to fade until it turns to a lighter colour that you can reapply dye to. Using bleach or colour stripping products will leave your hair with an uneven tone, leaving it difficult to achieve the colour youíre after.

Capri asks:
Okay so I dyed my hair using this permanent hair dye by Loreal hi colour in the colour red copper then I put a dark brown Demi permanent colour on my hair & now Iím tryna go back to like a honey blonde or copper colour. Would I have to bleach my hair?

Gary RussellAnswered By:
Gary Russell
Hi Capri

To go back to your honey blonde from a red can be a long process as when lifting out red it will have to go through certain levels of lift including orange . Yes bleach would have to be used however there are so many treatments on the market now that can look after your hair as you go through this process. You could also find a salon that uses a product called OLAPLEX, this can be placed into the colour mixture and strengthen the hair as your colour develops . A second phase is applied at the basin and left for ten minutes this is to reinforce the strengthening process. You can also go a step further and use phase 3 at home itís a great product and works very well. Remember when you are doing any chemical process you must look after your hair.

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