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Mary Ellen Lounsbery asks:
I have medium length hair, the under layers are curly but from about the top of my ears on up is board straight. Iíd like to go curly part of the time but that top layer covers the curls. Any suggestions?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Mary Ellen, there are products called curl revitalisers they are quite often very good, I believe the key ingredient is magnesium. When your hair is wet twist small individual sections of the straight hair before using a diffuser to dryer in on a medium heat slow speed. If your going to use a curl product like I suggested make sure you comb it through so that it is evenly distributed before styling. ...More >

Other wise use a little wand to great to curls on the top sections.

Good luck

David asks:
Before I make a comment, I just want to say I appreciate for having such a comment based function, Iíve just stumbled across it, and well, I hope that I manage to get some tips! :D

So anyway, right to the point. My big problem for my hair is that it is very weak and light. I am 19 years of age, my hair has naturally been very straight. Problem that I am experiencing involves my hair simply being dragged around by any sort of wind... I add a lot of product to my hair, including hairspray, but even with all these products, my hair still becomes heavily affected by the wind, which destroys any style that I have created, and when no product is added the same scenario occurs. Of course, unfortunately there are no weather changing miracles that can look after my hair haha, but is there any haircut, or maybe a procedure that I can follow to allow my hair to behave?

Another problem that I have with my hair is that it is very thin, and it has little to no volume, I have tried all techniques, backcombing, perms but none have the effect of where I can just wake up and have good-looking normal hair. I just want my hair to look big, strong, I want it to define my face, as un styled hair is very flat and does not suit me. I think it is also worth mentioning that my hair is a sort of a short back and sides, and I do not style my hair backwards, instead I add crunch to the top of it, but with the winds my fringe just goes to the side and the hair splits and it becomes very messy, in a bad way.

What must I do? Should I even shave my hair off completely to allow it to re-grow? What could be a possible problem for my hair being so un-cooperative? I am willing to go through whatever it is, as I am just tired of having to deal with my hair, and hoping for it to look good, as with each style it looks different. Is there anything I can specifically ask the hairdresser / barber for? - Thanks :)

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Okay David

Firstly you donít say how long the top sections of your hair are so hair cut wise initially I would suggest take the top shorter so that immediately means less to be affected by the wind. ...More >

Secondly having very fine hair is often a bit of a pain when your style conscious but there is hope in many ways that should result in making you happier if not thrilled at what you can achieve with your hair.

Diet is critical take a look at all the proteins, oils nuts, fruit and veg you eat this is your hair and bodies nutrients so needs to be considered. If you do already have a balanced diet then take a specific supplement for hair, there are many options available over the counter. Use the best you can afford professional protein shampoo this will add strength and body to your hair and use a spray on leave in protein conditioner. If you donít already blow dry your hair try doing it, use a volumising blow dry lotion, it must be clear in colour when it comes out ( if its opaque it may contain moisturizing ingredients that will makes your hair to flat ) distribute it as evenly as possible through your hair and comb it through. Use the dryer on medium heat & slow speed and a vent brush (available over the counter) and gently dry the hair in the opposite direction to the way you wear it. That way when its dry and you use your fingers or the brush to style it how you want to wear it you will have so much more body at the root area. I am a huge fan of dry shampoo and on fine hair its amazing shake it well and spray into the root area before you finish styling.

With hair its like building a house get the foundations right and the house will be strong and look great, donít get them right and you will experience subsidence get my drift? Anyway, I really hope this helps?

Rebecca asks:
Every 2 or 3 months I dye my hair, its always come out great i get my products from Sally Beauty Supply store, I get the same color every time (Medium Golden Mahogany Brown) but this time was a disaster, my hair was orange-ish Brown, much lighter than it should have been. I did the wrong thing, and i panicked. i went to my community pool after rinsing the dye and blow drying my hair and i went for a long swim, hoping the color would come out. well it did, but once i got home and washed, conditioned, and dried it, I noticed that the ends of my hair were.. well.. gummy and almost sticky, however no residue came off on my fingers, I assumed I didnít rinse well enough and still had shampoo or conditioner in my hair but, the same thing, still gummy and sticky. i blow dried and straightened my hair but I couldnít even get my fingers through my ends they just got stuck at the bottom inch and a half. i got very upset and ended up cutting off 2 inches from my hair. to my shock, the gummy-ness was still on the ends and only the ends. i trimmed again. still there. I am at a loss of words. I usually have AMAZING hair I take great care of it. but I really must have messed up somewhere. If you could help me in any way please. I have tried everything to my knowledge. Maybe you could enlighten me.

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
What a shame, I can only assume that perhaps you mixed it with a different developer hence why it went lighter or that its one of those mysteries that happens very occasionally in the hair world. There are some many other options such as the colour has part oxidized, a reaction to something on your hair already, a wrongly labeled tube of colour, incorrect mixing and or processing time the list is endless! Swimming straight away hasnít helped but the effects seem totally extreme. Are you taking any medication? My advise is to take a hair supplement use a treatment masque on the hair twice a week for a month then see how the hair feels before considering colouring again. Good luck.

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