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Lily asks:
Hi there,

I have been blonde for sixteen years. I am 34, my hair is long and is in good condition but ever since moving away from London 8 years ago I cannot find a hairdresser that will give me the blonde hair I once had.

I used to have an all over high lift blonde tint and a few scattered highlights for dimension. I think hairdressers call it double processing. The colour was very light but was perfect. I had no banding and the re-grow was fine.

Any hairdresser I have tried the past eight years keeps trying to get me to have a fill set of highlights which I hate. I recently went to someone who understands what I was talking about but the tint sheís using isnít light enough and she keeps putting more and more foils in. After 3 weeks I feel that my hair looks a mess especially when I tie it up.

I donít get chance to go back home to London much due to work and children otherwise I would still go to my old hairdresser.

Can you please advise me what to actually ask for next time I go for my appointment?

I have even showed pictures in the past and I am still unhappy.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, xx

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
This is always a difficult one as the hair changes over the years so what once was perfect would need to be adjusted anyway. I would suggest if you havenít done already contact your old hairdresser and ask for the brand of colour as well as the level and tone, what developer it was mixed with and the processing time. Colour products vary so much and quite often we hairdressers have our own way of mixing and processing so it would be helpful to be exact to what you previously had and may help you get the result you really want. Also get the formula and processing time for the highlights, then book a consultation at a new salon armed with all the details and go from there.

Good luck

Nashae asks:
I am going to French braid my hair using extensions and wanted to know if I can wash my hair whilst it has a weave without messing it up? How often should I shampoo, conditioner and moisturise my hair whilst it is braided? Finally, what weave would you recommend?

Steve RowbottomAnswered By:
Steve Rowbottom
When washing a weave it depends on the hair you have chosen. Human hair is always better as the cuticles are scaled as flat as they would be on írealí hair, therefore it is easier to wash and there is less chance of tangling. Before recommending a weave, Iíd need to know more about your natural hair type, and how you would like the weave to sit. Make sure you do your homework on the hair, as the better it is, the longer it will last. Try not to shampoo your hair, as this will disturb the plait. Refrain from putting on too many products, as this will cause a build-up that will then need shampooing off. You can use a dry shampoo to keep it fresh. Conditioning is always good and you can never do enough on naturally dry, curly hair. If your hair feels extremely dry, you can add extra moisture with a leave-in product or treatment.

(Answered by Danielle Hill on behalf of Steve Rowbottom)

Tina asks:
I lightened my hair with hydrogen peroxide about a month ago. My hair went from dark brown to a medium brown that has some golden highlights when in the sun or light. I have curly hair and I want to loosen my curls with a product similar to a relaxer. Itís called a Texlax, or a texture softener. I donít want to straighten my hair I want to loosen my curls. Is this safe? Can I loose my hair? Please help!

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Tina

Iím so glad you are pleased with your colour. Iím not familiar with the products you mention to relax your curls but would recommend you go to a salon rather than attempt yourself. Its so important to make sure the curl is relaxed evenly in order for it to look natural and maintain even retention. There are lots of amazing conditioning treatments, conditioners and styling creams that can actually give the curl a more relaxed looked due to there moisture content as well as weight maybe worth trying? ...More >

Good luck

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