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Niamh asks:
I have been bleaching my red hair for years and now it is in such bad condition I need to stop. The problem is a normal blonde hair dye in any salon I have gone to will not lift the red roots and I am just wondering would you know of any specific dye that lifts a red hair colour?

Sue PembertonAnswered By:
Sue Pemberton
All colour will lift natural hair colour regardless of the tone but you can only get maximum up to 4 levels of lift depending on texture, tenacity, density and porosity. So it depends what level of red your natural is, I would assume anywhere from a 6 to 9? If you are darker and a 6 red you will pull a lot of warmth and lighter red tones, if you are more of a strawberry blonde a 9, you could possibly use a high lift colour with 40 volume to remove the red but it could still pull warmth depending on how red you are naturally and it sounds from your past experience that you pull warmth, so I would recommend you do a strand test if you try to use color to ensure you are going to achieve the results you are looking for first before you colour your entire head. There are no colour products that I know of that are specifically designed to do what you are requesting only lightener (bleaches) will ensure you get lift without warmth but I would suggest that you enhance your natural red shade, either make it more vivid or intense and maybe put highlights lighter pieces in it, people pay a lot of money to have red hair, such a shame to get ride of it, maybe you should consider wearing red tones for a change.

Laura asks:
My hair is quite fine and I wash it every morning because I donít feel I am awake if I donít! But after I have washed and, straightened it is fine. But as soon I leave the house and it gets a tad wet or a bit of wind ruffles it, it goes matted/or wavy and my fringe NEVER sits.

Calum TierneyAnswered By:
Calum Tierney
I know just how you feel! The weather plays a major part in how our hair looks so you have 2 options, the costliest one is emigrate to a much better, drier climate! The second and more cost effective is to invest in some products to help repel atmospheric moisture. GHD and Sebastian have amazing styling products that help repel moisture & hold your hair straight for longer, you would then need to finish with a hairspray from their range as this would also repel moisture & help your hair stay straighter for longer!

John asks:
I have baby fine thinning hair that I wear very short. My Stylist textures it with scissors when he cuts it. But I still need to put product on it so that it doesnít just lay flat. Everything I have tried gel, paste, in the tiniest bit ends up oozing down my scalp onto my forehead causing my forehead to breakout. Do you have any suggestions as to what I could use? Have you ever seen this before?

Mark WoolleyAnswered By:
Mark Woolley
It does sound like youíre having a terrible time with your hair products! One of the things that you learn when youíre on a shoot is that less is more as far as products are concerned. When you have models under hot photographic lights you canít have product dripping down their faces! I would recommend using a tiny amount of something very powerful, such as Fudge Hair Shaper and working a tiny amount through your hair. If that does not work, then you could even try using a tiny amount of hairspray to keep you hair in place. Again remember less is more, and go for a non-shiny type so that it is not too obvious you have product in your hair!

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