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Maria asks:
The fringe of my hair has gone very thin, I have used many products but feel I have been wasting my money, the more I am worrying about it, the worse it is getting!

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
The first thing to do is stop worrying- the thinning of your hair can be easily remedied, without going to drastic measures. Aside from taking supplements and maintaining a health balanced lifestyle, just follow my 4 easy steps to doubling the volume of your hair instantly- no expensive treatments needed.
  1. After washing your hair rub a generous amount (about a tennis ball size amount) of Lee Stafford Ddouble Blow Mousse into your hair, which should help give you that root lift and movement that you need in your fringe and the main body of your hair to create added volume and thickness.
  2. Then as you blow dry you fringe be careful not to use too high a heat setting as this can dry out and damage your hair thus adding to the thinning problem.
  3. Be sure to vary the heat and wave of the dryer so that you don’t concentrate the air flow on one section for too long.
  4. Why not also try using my Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment in between shampooing and conditioning your hair. This product has a soothing formulation which reduces irritation caused to the hair by day to day products and moisturises the scalp. Massage a generous scoop of the treatment into your roots and leave for 5 minutes. Rinse out and condition as normal.

Gigi asks:
I hope this is not taken the wrong way but .. you always advise to visit a professional hair salon. I may just be the unluckiest person on earth but I never got good advice from salons visited. I paid full fee every-time and we are talking 7 - 8 different salons.. None have covered grey fully, they apologise and I needed to go back for second application.

My hair is curly and frizz prone. When I asked what I can do for a softer look I was told there was nothing.. I went into a salon on holiday and they relaxed it for me. Magic! Please do consider this as visiting salon is not cheap and I am sorry to say I found incompetence throughout. I am still compromising and not happy but gave up and learnt to live with it. As lighter shades never covered my resistant grey, I end up (at salon!) using close to black colour. As I had highlights at some point, there is a difference between the dark roots area and lighter rest of long curly hair. Quite unsightly. As for keeping hair in good shape, its sites like yours where I found the best advice.

Hope this is cool and that you can help. All I want is my natural warm, golden brown hair throughout with greys covered. I would also like to reduce volume overall. Can long curly, thick frizzy hair be thinned?

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
Ok let’s hopefully answer your questions for you.

Firstly long curly/frizzy hair can be thinned, either by having long layers cut in (but this can create more volume if the layers are cut too short) or you could have your hair thinned using either thinning scissors or a feather blade. Both of these will help reduce the weight in your hair and hopefully reduce the volume and frizz.
I also would strongly advise investing in some Sebastian Potion 9 which is a leave in conditioner/ styling product which is fantastic and calming frizzy and curly hair. ...More >

Right onto the colour.

This is a little more tricky, as it sounds like the problem your hair is VERY resistant to colour. Unfortunately lighter shades are going to have little or no effect on your colour which is why they end up having to use darker colours.

These are only suggestions and are not guaranteed to work but firstly I would advise an appointment with an Wella MCA/MCE graduate, who is an expert in colour, and also perhaps they may suggest ’pre softening’ your hair to help with the resistance and there is also a specific range of Wella colours that are for resistant hair which should be worth a try.

Hope this helps.

Trish asks:
I have about 50% grey, I used to use semi permanents and had a very bad reaction, itchy with spots on my scalp and ears last time. My natural colour is mid brown would you suggest low lights to give a bit of colour as the product wont touch my scalp or will these look odd on brown/grey hair? My hair is quite curly.

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
Firstly it is important to point out that you should have a colour skin test before having ANY form of colour whether it touches the scalp or not as you can still get an allergic reaction.

As far as lowlights are concerned to cover the grey this would be the ideal solution as it would be a nice subtle result.

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