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Celina asks:
Every time I get my hair cut the salon people tell me I need to use this certain product (I have very curly, long, thick hair), they usually tell me to use a leave in conditioner and switch to salon a shampoo and conditioner. So I do as I am told and then the next time I go in they basically tell me the same thing and tell me to use a new salon shampoo and conditioner. I feel like I am never using the right stuff for my hair so I got fed up and am now using Tresemme. Is using Tresemme bad for my hair? And are Salon products really more beneficial for the hair?

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
It sounds like you need a proper treatment consultation. I am a particular fan of the Wella System Professional range. Within this range is a service called Alchemy which is the first in salon treatment of its kind with dual benefits.

I would strongly suggest booking a free consultation at your nearest Wella salon

Ross asks:
I have thick and frizzy hair. I want to change it to straight and silky hair forever, so that I could use hair wax for different hair styling. Is there any safe way to make this dream happen?

Scott MichaelsAnswered By:
Scott Michaels
In my opinion the best way to straighten your hair is to invest in a pair of professional hair straighteners. This will take you 3-5 minutes to do and you will see great results. When you visit your hairdresser next ask them to thin your hair out by chopping into the hair. This will give the hair texture as well as take the thickness out of the hair. Also when applying product to style the hair, make sure you donít use any styling product that is too wet because the hair will re-curl. Think of ironing a shirt and them spilling water on it, it will crease. I personally think our new Hairbond Moulder hair shaper would be a great product to style you hair because it is a dry, thick product that gives the hair excellent hold. All Hairbond products contain heat protection ingredient Mirustyle X-HP so if your hair needs a touch up before you go out, you can restyle those curls and creases, without worrying about ruining your hair.

Alison asks:
I have always had long, thick hair but in the last few years due to illness and medication I have only half the hair I had. Despite using thickening products it is now starting to look noticeably thin. I would like some ideas of styles to make it look thicker. I am 39, have a round face and thanks to the medication (steroids) I am slightly overweight. The good news is Iíll be off the steroids and on something else which wonít make me lose my hair and put weight on shortly, so hopefully my hair will grow back. Currently, my hair is about 6 inches below my shoulder with some long layers. I have a semi permanent dye a few shades darker and warmer than my natural colour.

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
The best way to make your hair look and feel thicker would be to go for more of a just above the shoulders bob style, with just a few long layers in. The bob style will definitely give you the effect of thicker hair, while the long layers will help you achieve some body and volume.

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