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Racheal asks:
I have brown hair, between long and medium length and lightly layered. When I was younger my hair was really curly. As I got older my hair went straight. Now every time I get out of the water my hair is unbelievably frizzy! It is frizzy even when my hair has not just been in water that day! I am bored of my normal hair and want something new and stylish! Shorter maybe, or would that make it frizzier? What style do you think I should have? Any advice is great!

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
I would definitely suggest that you keep the length with your hair, as going shorter will most likely make it frizzier. There are plenty of ways to tame the frizz however, mostly through using products or intensive treatments. Curly hair is generally quite dry, and even if your hair is straighter now, this could be affecting the manageability of your locks! Try my new Soflee Soflee Intense Conditioner it is the perfect way to keep your hair moisturised and silky soft with a glossy shine that is sure to dazzle! Or, for a quick fix to beat the frizz try spritzing my RUTP Humidity Spray onto your locks for daily defence against humidity and other causes of flyaway hair. It is even small enough to pop into your handbag for emergency protection! Also, be sure to prevent over-drying your hair when styling by using a protective spray like my P2Fifty Straightening and Blow Dry Spray, which guards your hair from heat damage up to 250 degrees.

Kate James asks:
I dyed my hair but now I want to go back to my natural hair colour, is there any way of doing this without dying it again or getting it chemically striped?

Jason JohnsonAnswered By:
Jason Johnson
If the colour you have used is darker than your natural colour then we would need to lift some of the colour first and then we could tone your hair with the use of a semi permanent colour that would give your hair shine & gloss. If the colour you have used is lighter than your natural colour then we could apply a semi permanent colour to your hair to give you a natural look again. The beauty of semi permanent colour is that it is packed with conditioning properties that make your hair look & feel in much better condition. Please do not attempt this yourself though as when you are putting colour back into your hair you need to establish what your natural colour has had taken away from it which is so important with colour choice. For instance if you have a lot of blonde in your hair and you apply a brown colour there is every chance your finished result will have a green hue! This is why it is important to have a consultation with your stylist when we can discuss what we can do for you and also what you can expect to see.

Terence Paul have seen a number of disasters over the years when people have tried to colour their own hair and then it costs more money to put it right! Put your trust in the professionals!

Sharon asks:
I suffer from hair loss is it possible to have hair extensions when I suffer from hair loss?

Dawn CooperAnswered By:
Dawn Cooper
Hair extensions can be used to mask hair loss but you would need to have a thorough consultation with an expert in this field so they can determine if your hair will be able to take extensions. The best in the business is Lucinda Ellery in London and she has a host of hair techniques that can help to mask hair loss if extensions are suitable. Your trained extensions hairdresser will also be able to test the strength of your hair and will advice on suitability.

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