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Mariana asks:
I have an oval face but with narrow bones and forehead. For a couple of month I have suffered a lot of hair loss. Can you tell me, how I should cut my hair (it is natural brown, is straight, a little curvy when its humid, the texture is rather thin) without being too short (boyish) nor too long?

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Take a look on the Style Gallery there are lots of Styles to choose from and you can always print a few off and take them along to the Salon.

Try to look at styles that have a soft wave or movement in them as this will work with your natural hair movement and add volume to your hairstyle. From your description I think styles that have these features would suit you best.

Ela asks:
I have fine curly hair and in recent months I have noticed it growing out straight from the roots. I am not pregnant or on medication so I really am at a loss as to why my hair is all of a sudden going straight. I do not straighten it at all could it be stress related?

Diana DudasAnswered By:
Diana Dudas
The new hair growth will always stand straight out from the roots. Don't worry once it has grown a little more it will start to wave and then will blend in with the rest of the hair. You could use a liquid gel or pomade to help smooth down the hair.

Raluca asks:
My natural hair colour is mousy light brown. I now have golden highlights in it. I cannot decide what to do with my hair. My two options are:

1. To come back to my natural colour
2. To make it blonde with a semi-permanent like LíOreal Casting Creme Gloss Pearl Blonde.

I want to come back to my natural colour, but I canít find it anywhere, because it is truly greyish and I canít find any semi-permanent like that, as I wonít use a permanent hair colour not to destroy my hair. I would also go for Casting Pearl Blonde if I knew it will fade out in time. Will it? Or the peroxide in it will bleach my hair?

Jason KearnsAnswered By:
Jason Kearns
Stay with the light brownís and golden highlights and don't let the GREY show through, keep it simple and soft.

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