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Brenda asks:
I am 27yrs old. My question is, what can I do for my hair loss! Everyday I wash it and when I squeeze the water out of my hair, thick strands of hair come off and when I brush it another thick strand hair is removed.

Rafael RosasAnswered By:
Rafael Rosas
Hi Brenda - Start by not washing your hair everyday. You will dehydrate your scalp. Find a salon that offers NIOXINís Scalp Remedy. It is something like a microdermabrasion of the scalp. Do not tie your hair back in rubber bands and do not put tension on the hair. Nu Skin Enterprises has a device called the Galvanic Spa when used the hair conductor and Nu Skinís Nutriol Treatment will help.Good Luck

Daryck asks:
Iím at a loss of what to do with my hair!! I'm not in a prominent area for good salons at all!

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Your hair looks cool man.

Donít have it cut off.!!!!!!!! ...More >

I would recommend having it bladed to introduce some texture into the cut so that you can move it about and change its look.

This would give you far more style options when using products.

It would also help reduce the curl and make styling easier.

Hayley asks:
I havenít had my hair cut in a long while and now and itís coming up to my 18th birthday. Iím going to have my hair done and I keep leaning toward a inverted bob but Iím unsure as I have really long hair at the moment and donít know whether I want to cut it off. I have nice cheek bones and good bone structure; do you think I should go for it?

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
If you have had long hair for a long time now, cutting it into a sleek bob will be a refreshing change and a dramatic way to turn 18! Shorter hair can often look more sophisticated and can be easier to look after than long locks. With the correct styling, this look works well on almost anyone, although itís best if your hair isnít too curly as this look works best as a smooth, sleek style. This look is great for framing good bone structure so will be ideal for you. When you go to get it cut, ask for long, graduated layers to the nape of the neck, ensuring that the base line is shattered. Finish with face framing longer sections at the front. You will need to keep your hair in fantastic condition for this style, and make sure that you use intensive treatments like the Poker Straight Intensive Treatment with P2Fifty to keep it super moisturised. This style can be worn in two ways. High maintenance - a la Posh; to achieve this look you need to blow dry down the shaft of the hair follicles to get the cuticles as flat as possible. Follow with good flat irons and a spritz of Poker Straight Shine serum for mega watt gloss. To wear this style in a more relaxed way- think Kirsten Dunst Ė just give hair a quick blast with the hairdryer and finish with Messed up Spray Wax.

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