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Chelsea: asks:
My hair is extremely, extremely dry. It keeps breaking even though I cut the ends. Itís very long and I so badly want to keep it long but Iím struggling so much. I have tried olive oil treatments and it only works for a while. I do straighten it sometimes but on a very low heat and also I donít straighten all, only the very curly parts. My hair is straight with only a few waves or curls underneath. Lately itís very frizzy if I donít straighten it. I do dye my hair. Is there any treatment I can use on it to just stop it from breaking and splitting and being so hard and dry?

Benjamin ShipmanAnswered By:
Benjamin Shipman
If you are looking for a more longer-lasting smoothing solution to tame your mane, I would recommend the Kebelo ADVANTAGE in-salon treatment, as this is a fast, easy and affordable way to gain smooth, glossy and manageable hair. The three-part system, which uses Carbocysteine smoothing technology, works on each and every hair strand, adding strength, giving support and boosting shine. The best part? The treatment lasts up to 100 days, equating to weeks of frizz-free hair and reducing the need to use straightening irons.

The Kebelo BONDAGE Weekly Colour Masque would also be a great product for your hair Ė this can work in synergy with the ADVANTAGE treatment, prolonging its results. This unique strengthening treatment, used once a week at home, delivers an instant injection of strength to the bonds within your colour-treated hair, leaving it visibly stronger, healthier and repaired, and of course, looking great!

S Simpson asks:
My daughter has a devastating knot in her curly hair and googles advice of moraccan and argan oil made it worse! Every time it gets wet its worse, I need serious help ! the oil has made it a greasy knot

Marion BurnsAnswered By:
Marion Burns
Ok if the knot is solid and it sounds like it is, the oil will just sit on the surface and in effect bind it tighter. You would be best to get some nail scissors and snip once through the knot then use a tangle teezer brush and ease the rest out. There will be minimal hair loss and pain for your daughter. To avoid future occurrence try plaiting the hair for sleep and use a sulphate free detangler daily when brushing. Make sure you get her hair trimmed regularly so the shorter hair (new growth) doesnít get tangled with established hair.

Becki asks:
I have thick hair and I straighten it but it always looks so flat is there any techniques I could use or tell me the best product to use.

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
Constantly straightening your hair will thin it over time which isnít a good thing. There is nothing wrong with having thick hair, you just need to know how to manage and maintain it in order to get the best results. I recommend using a specific shampoo and conditioner for thicker hair in order to tame and also use a treatment such a my Poker Straight Intensive Treatment which helps put the love back into battered hair which is styled a lot. Keep the volume and thickness to a certain extent by blow-drying your hair in layers after washing and use a paddle brush. Afterwards, use your straighteners to go over the ends to get a sleek, straight finish. Always use heat protection spray to stop your ends from breaking and finish with a shine spray for a glossy, gorgeous look!

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