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Moyra asks:
Hi there, my problem is quite.. specific. I tried to grow my hair out from a pixie for about a year. In that time it managed to just reach below my chin (with many trims in between.) Recently I had to cut it back to my ears again. My mum is a hair dresser and said my hair was just too thin and too frazzled to continue growing it. My issue is where to go from here.. I could keep trying to grow it out but my hair is naturally wavy and without using straighteners it gets into a bit of mess if I just leave it to its own devices. But we reckon it got to the state it was because I had to straighten it to keep it presentable. So to grow it and not have a repeat of last time.. I canít use heat styling. But my work requires (itís even in the contract) that our hair is íflatteringí and weíre not allowed to use things like headbands, bandannas or scarves. Iím at a little bit of a loss. Do you have any tips for growing out short hair but keeping it manageable without heat? Or should I bite the bullet and go back to a very short pixie (itís not that I didnít like it.. But I used to have medium length hair and miss the things I could do with it)? Iím sorry for the essay. To be honest, I have quite terrible self esteem and get stressed over these decisions quite easily.

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Moyra

I would try and persevere, invest in the best shampoo, conditioner and treatment mask you can and have a disciplined routine of treating your hair weekly. This will really help, next is blow-dry your hair with a small amount of argan oil thatís been combed through to evenly distribute and dry your hair on a medium heat, medium speed in small sections. I know this all takes time but it will be worth it. If you then need a little more help smoothing try a couple of heated rollers or a straightening iron which has a temperature control, use on about 150 degrees centigrade as this is nice and gentle but will help control your hair. I can even curl my very frizzy hair on that temp. ...More >

Happy growing x x

Monika asks:
After suffering from chickenpox, in February of this year, I am now facing some hair issues, like dandruff and boils in my scalp and I am also suffering with hair loss.

Can you help please?

Deborah ChesterAnswered By:
Deborah Chester
hello Monika, your hair loss will be a result of the chicken pox as this would have put your hair into a premature shed called Telogen effluvium. Thus will recover in time and is very common after an illness. If you had the chicken pox in your scalp they have got infected from the scratching so a visit to your GP may be necessary. Nizoral shampoo can help with the dandruff and will deep clean the scalp.

Stuti asks:
I am 27 year old girl, facing severe hair loss. I am not able to find the reason behind it. I am not having any kind of stress. I donít use any kind of chemicals (Only thing I use in chemical form for hair is mild shampoo). My diet is also fine. I sleep well (around 8 hours). I donít have dandruff. But still this is happening from last one and half month. Losing at least 300-400 hair strands everyday. Please help!

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw

I really feel for you, without having blood tests its really difficult to find, determine and treat if possible the cause of your hair loss. Its sounds like you have considered and ruled out the most common reasons but the contraceptive pill is a major contributor to hair loss in lots of cases, could this be something to ask your doctor about? ...More >

Please see some documents above that will offer some tips and advice. I do also suggest considering a supplement.

Really good luck and please come back to us if you require further support.


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