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Ghada asks:
Hello, I have red violet hair with red highlights (black originally then bleached).

I would like to refresh the colour because it fades quickly. Iím not sure whether to choose Redken Shades EQ Colour Gloss in Sangria or Merlot. I also have some grey in my roots (roots are black now with grey). What else shall I mix? I donít want the hair to be so dark, I want it a subtle red violet shade as it was when I first dyed it. Do I need to mix it with another colour to get rid of the grey?

Also, Can I use a cream developer volume 10 (3%) with the Redken Shades EQ Colour Gloss? Will it work? And in which ratio? Or only the Redken processor will work?

Thank you

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Ghada

Firstly the Redken shades EQ canít be mixed with the 10 vol developer, so you will need to refresh the middle, lengths and ends of your hair with the choosen colour with the shades EQ and the relevant developer. The roots will have to coloured seperatly to cover the grey with 10 or 20 vol developer. If you do the root colour first you can do the shades EQ all over. I would choose a medium red brown as the root colour. ...More >

Good luck

Pamela walters asks:
Could you please help. I have very fine baby hair. After I have washed and dried my hair, itís ok for about 5 minutes and then it looks like candy floss. Itís driving me mad, I have tried so many hair products but has not made any difference. Itís quite upsetting as my hair looks so untidy all the while. Can you suggest anything?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Pamela

Shampoo and your drying technique are the most important things to focus on. ...More >

So make sure you are using the best professional protein shampoo for fine hair as well as a spray on leave in conditioner. Then apply a small amount of blowdry volumisng lotion as well as a tiny drop of your favourite oil or serum comb the product through before you start to dry your hair. Section your hair starting at the nape and use your dryer on medium heat and medium speed. Dry each section and let the hair cool down before finishing styling.

If your hair dries naturally whilst your drying the sections, damp it again with the leave in conditioner. itís important to know that the shape you create between your hair being wet and dry is more likely to last. Heat creates shape cool fixes it.

Good luck I really hope this helps x

Moyra asks:
Hi there, my problem is quite.. specific. I tried to grow my hair out from a pixie for about a year. In that time it managed to just reach below my chin (with many trims in between.) Recently I had to cut it back to my ears again. My mum is a hair dresser and said my hair was just too thin and too frazzled to continue growing it. My issue is where to go from here.. I could keep trying to grow it out but my hair is naturally wavy and without using straighteners it gets into a bit of mess if I just leave it to its own devices. But we reckon it got to the state it was because I had to straighten it to keep it presentable. So to grow it and not have a repeat of last time.. I canít use heat styling. But my work requires (itís even in the contract) that our hair is íflatteringí and weíre not allowed to use things like headbands, bandannas or scarves. Iím at a little bit of a loss. Do you have any tips for growing out short hair but keeping it manageable without heat? Or should I bite the bullet and go back to a very short pixie (itís not that I didnít like it.. But I used to have medium length hair and miss the things I could do with it)? Iím sorry for the essay. To be honest, I have quite terrible self esteem and get stressed over these decisions quite easily.

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Moyra

I would try and persevere, invest in the best shampoo, conditioner and treatment mask you can and have a disciplined routine of treating your hair weekly. This will really help, next is blow-dry your hair with a small amount of argan oil thatís been combed through to evenly distribute and dry your hair on a medium heat, medium speed in small sections. I know this all takes time but it will be worth it. If you then need a little more help smoothing try a couple of heated rollers or a straightening iron which has a temperature control, use on about 150 degrees centigrade as this is nice and gentle but will help control your hair. I can even curl my very frizzy hair on that temp. ...More >

Happy growing x x

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