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Kim asks:
Can you recommend a shampoo, conditioner and intensive conditioner for coloured hair (mahogany) in an effort to prevent split ends and maintain a glossy finish?

Jason KearnsAnswered By:
Jason Kearns
Hi Kim - Try the Artec shampoo (Mahogany), has color in it and gives shine, watch out for the white pillow cases and towels when using.

Jen asks:
I have really curly hair. I love my curls but they are so tight I cannot do anything with them. I want them to be relaxed but I do not want anything permanent. I really do not like the idea of these chemical relaxers either. I love how my hair looks when it is wet. It goes into soft big ringlets and I love it. I leave it to dry naturally but when it dries the curls go really tight and horrible. Is there any way of recreating the look of my wet curls when my hair is dry? I am so desperate to wear my curly hair down... I would love to find a solution because at the moment all I can do with my hair is wear it up.

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
I am loving big curls right now they are hot on the catwalk and scorching on the red carpet whether you are feeling Mischa 80s crimp or digging Beyonces big mama curls this seasons favourite style will bring your inner lioness out! Many curly haired women out there would agree that curls can be a mixed fortune, sometimes waves are loved, and other times sleek straightness is desired. Either way there is an art to perfecting the ultimate tendrilled look, and sometimes it can go one of two ways, hair goes stiff and unnatural through using too much product or worse still having a ball of frizz where your hair used to be! There are many theories as to what makes hair curly in the first place. The main idea is, whether your hair is straight or curly depends on the shape of the hair shaft, which is determined by the shape of the hair follicle. A cross section view of a straight hair would be round whereas a curly hair would appear oval. This shape is determined by your genetic make up, because curly hair has a tendency to be dryer, more brittle and prone to frizz it requires more careful treatment than straight hair to keep it looking its best. Always use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners, as well as lavishing lots of TLC with regular treatments such as my SofLee SofLee Intensive Conditioner if your hair tends to go in smaller tight curls then you need to invest a really good set of flat irons – suggest Corioliss give yourself a straight blow-dry (as straight as you can get) then create your own curls with the flat irons make sure you spritz my Poker Straight Flat Iron Mist all over your hair before doing any styling with irons. Take a small section of your hair, grip it on the ceramic plate about an inch from the root GENTLY turn the irons 180 degrees and slowly run them down the hair shaft taking care not to snag any strands. This creates amazing waves that lasts and lasts. Repeat all over your hair in small sections, and finish with a spritz of my Spray Shine for an all over gloss! Or for a more natural dishevelled curl try my Babewave Styling Crème on for size apply evenly to your hair and let it dry naturally – do not touch it until its completely dry but if you want to go all out attach a diffuser to your hairdryer and scrunch your hair dry

Briony asks:
I have a very strong cows lick at the front of my hair so consequently I cannot get a side fringe like I wanted or any fringe for that matter. I have thick blonde wavy hair down to just past my shoulders. It has been the same for ages now, what do you suggest? I feel as though new styles are limited because I have such awkward hair! I do want to keep the length though.

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
I completely understand your frustrations with not being able to jump on to the fringe band wagon. Look at it as an opportunity to experiment outside seasonal hair trends. I suggest losing some of the weight in your hair and playing with layers around your face. This will frame your features nicely and give your look a fresh finish. If you want to add texture and have a luscious shine ask for some highlights or go all out and get a demi- gloss! This will enhance your natural tones and give you a colour boost. With well looked after locks and a sexy shine you will soon be oozing with confidence and feeling great!

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