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Emily asks:
I stopped using straighteners a good 6 or 7 months ago and only do it occasionally, I have always conditioned my hair and looked after it using heat protector when I straighten it, and I have never blow dried it more often than for special occasions. But within the past 6 months I have wiry curly, kinky strands that look and feel completely different to the rest of it, there are also patches where it is worse with tighter curly bits and tiny corkscrew bits. My hair is naturally thick and wavy and I generally just leave it natural with a bit of gloss. However my fringe is worst affected which I straighten more often but not since Christmas and it is getting worse! I love my hair and I just cannot work out where I am going wrong! Anybody got any ideas? Is it heat damage? Or can stress cause this type of reaction

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Stress can be a major factor in hair conditions. When your body is feeling something, it will let you know some how and hair can definitely be affected. ...More >

The worst think you can do is worry about it, it could make it worse.

But please remember you hair can change in texture, colour and amount due to stress or illness. I would recommend seeing a good Tricologist (Hair Expert) there are some on the site here. But some one needs to see you personally.

Go visit them and they will be able to give you excellent advice and remove your worries

Samantha asks:
I have short that is longer at both sides which is almost to my shoulders (similar to Victoria Beckhams). I am getting really worried thinking about a style for my wedding. Please help

Charlotte MurrayAnswered By:
Charlotte Murray
The style of your dress should help. Perhaps cut the length up at the front. You could go for a lovely blow dry where your hair has movement and has a wicked shine to it. Put it on a side parting. One side of your hair could be swept up with a fabulous sparkly comb or flower. Accessorise with great earrings. I advise you talk to your stylist about colour/gloss glaze and have that done the week before the big day. Have fun!

Emily asks:
I am 16 and have had the same hairstyle for quite a while now, its about mid-chest length so it is quite long, however I am finding it a pain to handle and a fair chunk of my hair now falls out in the shower, I want a much shorter cut, however I am afraid that it might not suit me, I have an oval shaped face and wavy/curly hair at the best of times, and sometimes it is quite wild, all I am looking for is a cut at the longest, just about the top of the shoulders but feathered around my face so I can still tie most of it up, some people say I should and some people say I should not cut my hair, what should I do? And so you have any hair style recommendations

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
It is your hair and I think it is imperative to have a style which suits you as many see your crowning glory as an extension of your personality. If you are thinking of going shorter but are feeling nervous of the transformation then I would definitely advise taking a gradual change, speak to your hairdresser and ask him/her to take a slow but sure approach chopping only an inch or two off every visit so it is not such a shock to the system. As your hair has a natural curl and can sometimes get wild and unruly I would also recommend getting the weight taken out of your hair which would give your style a better shape, more balance and texture. If you want a drastic change to your style without having the length off then take your hair into a side parting and have a side sweeping fringe incorporated. This will add interest to your cut. In addition to this by using Lee Stafford soflee softlee intense conditioner the moisturising properties will improve manageability and add gloss, making it easier to style your hair!

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