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Ian asks:
Hi, please give me some advice. I am 25 and receding a bit at the front, I would like a trendy hair style that is a bit shorter and with more style that I can mess up a bit when I go out at night. I like to be fashionable and really want to reduce the obvious receding can you recommend something that might suit me - I have quite a long face which seems to make the receding worse. My hair is quite boring and needs a good cut at the moment.

Matt StarkAnswered By:
Matt Stark
If your forehead is becoming more prominent I would cut the hair short all over while slightly tapering the back and sides. Also I would recommend hair paste Ė apply to hair to make it messy by distributing throughout Ė then smooth down sides and back. This minimises the appearance of hair loss because of the rough texture and extra volume.

Sharon Humphries asks:
I have read loads of your questions and my problem is similar to other blondes going ginger. I have always had highlights done professionally been to different salons and nobody gets it right. Is it my hair? I did get nice ash blonde I do have grey at the roots but I think it ages me. My hairdresser of 6 months which is a long time for me totally ruined it last time and it turned out orange when I went back the day after to show all the underneath to her she had left the salon! I went somewhere else they put bleach highlights all over with brown in between. This looked like grey streaks! I then went somewhere else they suggested a semi colour? It just made my hair look like bland not glossy as a semi is supposed to. I have photos of what the first Hairdressers did. I am now thinking do I need a full colour or foils. I love being blonde but donít want to look trashy or old. I have lost faith in hairdressers I have had 3 colours now in 3 weeks please please help.

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
This is a very common problem. Take this picture to several stylists and have a complimentary consultation. Explain the problem and listen to what they have to say. Decide on which stylist makes complete sense to you. I think it sounds like you need a full head of highlights and maybe a creamy blonde. Stay away from the red tones or copper.

Khadija asks:
I started relaxing my hair like 6 or 7 months ago and at first everything seemed fine. I plaited my hair in December and after loosing it I discovered a drastic change in my hair. One side had more hair than the other. The real problem is that the other side seems like it has been cut or something Iím really confused and donít know what to do and I donít want to cut my hair.

Rachel BakerAnswered By:
Rachel Baker
It sounds like your hair has been over processed to me. If they leave it on for too long, or use it on your hair when it is already in a bad condition it will result in hair breakage and loss. You must stop having your hair relaxed and let it grow out. Use lots of leave in conditioners that will re build the structure of your hair, and eat well. Taking multi vitamins and drinking lots of water will improve the overall health of your hair, skin and nails.

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