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Allison asks:
Hi, My hair is quite fine and at the moment in a chin length bob style although I always where it up. My hair never seems to have any volume even though Iíve tried it seems everything. If I donít use hairspray it just goes limp. how do I get my hair more bouncy and keep a style. Iíve even thought about having a perm. thanks

Barbara DaleyAnswered By:
Barbara Daley
Thanks for your message.

I am not saying no to having a perm, as done properly it can be a great way to create body in otherwise lifeless hair but there are a few things you could try first before for going for something so permanent. Also it is important to have an elasticity test before any type of perm, as your hair sounds to me as though it might be lacking in elasticity, in which case a perm is not the best option for you and it will be more a case of building up your hairís strength before concerning yourself with having lots of body. ...More >

The bob style you describe sounds like a good length for making fine hair look thicker but there are also lots of cutting techniques which can help. I would avoid having lots of layers, they might give body and movement in thicker hairstyles but they will take away the weight which your hair needs. Instead I would create movement through secret, internal layers. We have a technique called scaffolding which we use in the salon and itís a fantastic way to support fine hair from within.

Colour is also a great way to add body to fine hair. Highlights, carefully placed throughout, will give the illusion of movement, and this doesnít mean you have to go blonde work with your natural tones to find a highlight colour right for you. I would also try having a gloss colour to add shine and swell the hair, again giving it more life. A gloss colour close to your natural hair will avoid regrowth problems but will plump the hair shaft and make it easier to blowdry with body.

Finally find a light weight mousse to prep the hair before blowdrying. Tec ni art Volume Lift mousse, has a nozzle which allows you to apply it directly to the roots, and has great hold without being sticky or stiff. I would apply this throughout the hair before drying, blast the hair lightly upside down for a few seconds getting the roots all dry in an upwards direction, then tip your head back and dry with a large natural brissle, round brush. I would avoid over drying the hair as this will make it fly away, so I would dry it quickly in large sections and add a few rollers for smoothness and body. Finally I would use a light hairspray directly at the roots, Kerastase Laque Couture is fantastic for this.

If you have looked at the cut and colour, are using the right products and still feel that you need that extra bit of help then a perm might be a good option.

Hope this all helps and if youíd like more personal advice please call into the salon and Iíd happily take a look at your hair with you.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Barbara x

Charlotte asks:
I am 13 years old I have long fine hair and want a change and was thinking about going curly I have never had anything done to my hair other than having it trimmed should I have a perm?

Damien CarneyAnswered By:
Damien Carney
I think 13 is a little young to consider having a perm. That said. A soft perm can add body and life to fine limp hair. With todayís technology and techniques it is easy to achieve a natural looking perm to most hair textures and lengths. Keep in mind to get the most of your perm, you need to keep the hair conditioned, trimmed and avoid excess heat this will maintain the life of the perm and keep the hair in tiptop condition.

Claire asks:
I am 40 years old and at a loss as to what to do with my hair. For a while now I have been growing it so the back reaches the centre of my back but it always looks so lifeless and shapeless. I have layers through the top section and I have been colouring it myself with the L'Oreal Excellence brown mahogany shade. Pleas don't tell me to visit my salon colourist because I simply do not have the time or money for the upkeep of salon colouring! I have been toying with the idea of having 2-21/2 inches lopped off the back so that I may be able to go for a more bobbed effect but it has taken me so long to get it to this length that I am really reluctant to go for it even though I go for regular "just the ends off please" trims. I just don't know what to do to recapture its shine and style that I would have thought nothing of changing perhaps 15-20 years ago. Any ideas?

Beverly CAnswered By:
Beverly C
You are in the best years of your life but all of us in our 40's want to look younger- and so we should. You are obviously not happy with you hair cut so itís important to search high and low for a style you really dream of. When you find that look then go for it without hesitation. You hair seems to be over layered and limp at the ends, so I definitely think you need to lose some length. Go for a sophisticated sexy cut and then continue colouring yourself.

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