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Chloe asks:
My hair is very thin (itís like baby hair) I have been trying to grow and thicken my hair for ages and it has not worked. I use very little heat on my hair and when I do I use heat protector. I want to get hair extensions and I was just wondering which are the best to get: micro-beads or clip-in? Or do you know of any technique in which I can get my hair thick or/and longer? (I would love to have hair like Selena Gomezís).

Rachel BakerAnswered By:
Rachel Baker
Selena Gomez has very beautiful hair I think I agree with you there, it would be lovely to have hair like hers. Is there any medical reason why your hair is very fine? I would suggest before you have extensions you see your GP to check that you are not on any medication that is affecting the growth and strength of your own hair. The best method for your own hair would be the Micro ring method. It is an adhesive and chemical free method that does not use heat to apply nor chemicals to remove. It is a tiny nickel ring that is looped onto your own hair and the hair extension bond is slipped threw the loop this is clamped shut and trimmed down. You must ensure that this is fitted by a qualified professional. As for the growth of your own hair I would recommend taking some vitamin B complex, drinking lots of water, eat well and try to stay away from the straighteners, curlers, and any harsh hair products such as colours, perms, and even harsh shampoos. This will all make a big difference. Hope this has helped!

Jacqui asks:
I have very short hair. I recently let it grow out a bit so my hairdresser could cut it very short one side longer on the other with a long sweeping fringe. Very Frankie from the Saturdayís! When he was styling it he did something with straighteners that made it curl and even though I got him to show me I canít replicate it. I think it may be to do with my straighteners they are not ceramic. Could this be the case or will I have a better result with a curl wand, tongs or slim rollers? My hair is very straight and fine naturally so have never had to invest in a good pair of straighteners!

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
This is not your straighteners so no need to buy any more. All this will take is a little practice and you will crack this styling technique very quickly.

Anthony asks:
I have an aunty who really wants to have her hair permed and although she used to get perms her hair is now very fine, soft and flyaway almost like baby hair. Would you recommend a perm? She just wants it to hold her set longer.

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
A perm could work yes but maybe try a soft perm to see how it lasts and for how long.

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