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Clare asks:
I have very straight fine hair at the nape of my neck and the top and front. Everywhere else it is very thick, with random kinks, waves and curls. The only hairstyle that works is an inverted bob with the top cut shorter and my curls scrunched. My hair is just above jaw length but it takes ages to dry then straighten. Should I get it permed or is there any other style which might suit me? I have large features, a high forehead and a long oval face.

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
It might be a good idea to consider having some form of light perm for body rather than curl. This way when you come to dry your hair it will be a lot easier and quicker for you and at the same time make the finer parts of your hair feel thicker. I am a great believer in letting your natural hair do what it wants to do, and also by not straightening it anymore the condition will improve.

Dianne asks:
My previous hairdresser was really cautious with my fine long hair. I have it blonde and she never used heat and advised me not to, and to never backcomb or do anything damaging. My current hairdresser is more gung-go, using the dryer to cook my colour, combing it through, saying backcombing is fine, etc. My scalp is crusty from this latest colouring and I think there may be a slight deterioration in my hair condition. What is your opinion on the treatment of long, coloured, 50 old year old fine hair?

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
Colour can be left to develop with and without heat however, if you feel like it doesnít need the heat then leave it to develop naturally. As to backcombing, this is something that should be done gently and cautiously. Again if you donít need to then lay off and keep things simple.

Emma asks:
My hair is fine and oily and I have to wash it every day, I use a mild shampoo called Simple. Anyway my problem is for the last 7 months when I get up in the morning my hair is all over the place itís sticking up kinks everywhere, where as before I would wake up and it would of been flat and I could of used a dry shampoo if needed now I have to wash it just to re style it. Any suggestions?

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
I would definitely recommend Wella System Professional Balance scalp range which will help with your oily scalp. Also try to wash your hair in luke warm water not hot, as the hot water will stimulate your scalp and produce more oil. Once the oily scalp has improved you shouldnít have anymore problems with your hair sticking up in kinks.

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