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Leon Volney asks:
Hi there in need of help badly, I have fine curly mixed raced hair (half Caribbean half English) and Iíve looked everywhere for tips and tricks on how to style it and look after it but everywhere says something different and almost always the opposite.

My question is, what is the best products to use and when for fine curly mixed hair?

My current routine is, cleansing conditioner once a day, deep mask conditioner every other day (both left in for 10/20 mins) Then for styling, a lil bit of Coconut hair oil then mid-hold hair wax for shaping.

This normally leaves my hair looking amazing with looseish, controlled curls for around 15 minutes before the curls retract and the shape just goes and Iím left with sorta tight, frizzy curls and no shape,


Gary RussellAnswered By:
Gary Russell
Hi Leon,

When it comes to curly mixed-race hair such as yours, finding the right products for a suitable care and styling routine can be a real challenge. Afro-Caribbean hair is dryer than Caucasian, containing only around a third of the moisture. You wonít be surprised to discover that mixed-race hair is somewhere between the two, and here lies the problem; because products designed for Afro-Caribbean hair can over-moisturise mixed-race hair, leaving it heavy and greasy, while Caucasian-specific products can strip away natural oils, creating dryness and frizz. ...More >

If hair is too dry it will always frizz no matter what you put in it, so my advice would be to always use a good high-moisture shampoo and conditioner, and I think Kerastaseís Fondant Magistral from their Nutrative range should provide your hair with the right moisture levels. Iíd also recommend a leave-in conditioning treatment, which will nourish hair all day long without causing build-up. Itís far more effective than products that need rinsing out, and again Iíd look to the Nutrative range.

When it comes to styling your curls Iíd suggest a quality gel-based product rather than wax, as itís far more effective at keeping a curl in its form. Redken have a great range called Curvaseous, and Iíve found that combing their ĎFull Swirlí and ĎRingletí perfecting lotions works really well.

Get the hair wet and fully cover with a layer of Ringlet, then any extra frizzy areas apply Full Swirl over the top of any extra-frizzy areas. Next, finger-twist the hair in sections to create something similar to small curly braids, and let them air dry (remember natural air drying is far, far more effective for retaining the shape of a curl). Once your hair is nearly dry, tip your head upside down and shake out the curls. This should give them more definition and a lighter bounce.

Lastly, always use your fingers to comb through and remove tangles gently, and to separate hair while conditioner is in and hairis still wet. Never towel dry, as this will disrupt the natural curl pattern you want to enhance.

Good luck Leon. I hope this helps give your locks the looser look youíve been searching for!


Krista asks:
Hi, Iím a 16 year old girl who wants to cut her hair short.

I have black, fine thin hair. If I get a short haircut, I want to make it as big and fluffy as possible.. I think the best way would be to damage it as much as possible by dying it. I would like to hear your thoughts on that!

And another question. If I get short hair, can I just layer my hair from the crown?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Short hair is easier to create texture and body, perhaps do and midlength and practice with different styling and finishing products. Make sure your using a volumising shampoo and spray on leave in condition (protein) this way you will have more body and volume before you even start styling. Another tip is to make sure you comb the styling products through from root to tip. Dry shampoo is a must for fine. Having highlights would help add more texture but put you name down at some salons to be a model and they will give you some great advice.

Jane asks:
I am after some hair care advice for my teenager. He has curly hair which he wears just above his shoulders and ties back on occasion. Its very similar to Jon Snowís style from Game of Thrones (sorry for use of this for description).. Over the last year the hair at the sides of his crown, above his ears, has broken off on both sides and hasnít really grown back (thereís about an inch of fluffy hair)which looks odd when tied back as it sticks out. Its really knocking his confidence and he is starting to worry (heís 19) that he is going to lose his hair since its not growing as fast as the rest. He is driving me crazy, so I would be so grateful if you could give this tormented mum (who also has curly hair) some advice....thank you in advance..

Gary RussellAnswered By:
Gary Russell
Hey Jane

This sounds like itís hair thatís on the hairline. This can sometimes be weaker . It could be that he is tying it back to tight that may cause some breakage However i would say that if the hair is still at the root (which is what it sounds like) it shows he is not losing his hair itís where it is fine around those areas and a lot of guys get this . Unfortunately there is no miracle cure but when he ties it up maybe add some wax to sleek those areas back and ensure its tied back loosely. This should help with it growing back and in turn give him a less tormented mum.

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