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June asks:
Brushing my childs hair is such a trauma for me and my child ,how do i tackle it

Marion BurnsAnswered By:
Marion Burns
Childrens hair is completely uncompromised. No colouring, permed or processed hair here, so that usually makes it finer than adults and more prone to getting tangled. With the added factor of constant new growth, (check your childís fringe area there will usually be some fine shorter strands this is new hair) and it will is like this all over the scalp so you are dealing with different lengths, even if it is not apparent visually to you. Detangling can be a real challenge for parents, pick up a brush and your child acts like you have a weapon of mass destruction!!! And I have had many parents say ďhe /she hates having their hair brushedĒ So i suggest a hair detangler spray (SLS free).that you can use daily or a leave-in conditioner used after washing. ...More >

Introduce your child to hair brushing at the earliest stage as you would dental care. If they have hair it needs care. Itís something that should be habitual not(childís) choice.

When you wash your childís hair try not to rub too vigorously instead gently massage the shampoo through the hair. Apart from over stimulating the scalp ( see greasy hair Q) it encourages the dreaded tangles.

Towel dry the hair in the same manner try to avoid rubbing, instead pat and squeeze the hair inside the towel.

Apply leave in conditioner or detangler at this stage when hair is wet.

Tangle Teezer HAIR brushes(the best in my opinion) palm held and with the range of bright colours not as threatening as the bristle or paddle ones. For daily hair brushing in between washes, spray hair with detangler (you can dilute the product with water). The brushing techniques are the same on wet, damp or dry hair remember you can work with either wet or dry strands but it is less stress on the scalp for your child if the hair is moist.

Depending on the length you can take the hair in your hand like a pony tail and spray the middle and ends, the motion of brushing from the middle down to ends helps spread the detangler. Or you can just put your hand underneath the hair and use your hand as a base to guide the brush. Try not to drag the brush down the hair more a gentle bouncing off your hand with a downward motion. This motion helps loosen tangles so its a win win. When these sections are tangle free start moving up towards the scalp adding a couple of inches at a time whilst continuing to go over the already tangle free hair. If you find a knot that just will not budge ( FOR RARELY BRUSHED HAIR) then snipping through with scissors is probably the best action for this one time only.As you get your child used to hair brushing regularly it should be a rare occurrence. The best detanglers have conditioners that contain vitamins and proteins to help thicken and strengthen strands so check the ingredients.

E Jones asks:
I have naturally blonde red hair which is unusually fine and not very thick. It is poker straight and sits flat even after blow drying with volume boosters and using straighteners at the roots to provide lift - also wind moisture etc totally flattens it out again. I use to have a great hair stylist who managed to cut a shape into my hair which meant it didnít flatten within two hours (it lasted all day even in poor weather) and still held its shape when I went for my next eight week cut - however this stylist left the salon and they wonít tell me where she went! I have tried to explain to at least six different stylists at various country wide salons who charge a lot for a cut (which I am happy to pay if I get a good cut) that my hair needs shape cutting in - what term should I use. My old stylist use to "thin" my hair which gave more ummph - when I tell them this they use those texurising scissors on the layer ends which just makes it flyaway and this doesnít give any lift or volume. Also after two weeks itís sitting flat to my head again! Could you please tell me what technique I should be asking for - as the "senior" stylists I have come across appear to have a total lack of understanding/knowledge on how to cut my type of hair - I canít believe Iím the only one! My hair use to be jaw length and cut up into the back to provide bulk and we would alter the longish fringe to the side depending on the mood and or define layers around the face - as styles changed. I am getting really desperate as I am a 43 yr old who can not afford to look like a drowned rat or disaffected teenager! Please help!!

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
I wish I could tell you that this was the first time I have heard this, but it could not be further from the truth.

Under no circumstances let a stylist attack your hair with texturising/thinning shears, it will make your hair FLAT and FRIZZY. ...More >

You will definitely get the best results with a soft razoring technique "internal diffusion" which gives you soft supporting volume to prolong the volume and lift you need.

In all my years this is the only technique that truly works.

Please ensure you use a very experienced stylist competent in this technique, as in the wrong hands it will result in your hair been thinner and flatter.

Good luck

Anon asks:
I recently went to my local salon for a colour and cut. She put highlights on my hair (a 6 vol so I was told) and then a 12 vol bleach all over my roots then was put under heat for 40 minutes. I immediately felt intense burning and told them this, they told me it was normal and it will be fine. After 40 mins of pain she washed it off to a scarlet red scalp and styled it and I left. The redness went down but I was feeling and intense itching constantly and red blotchy marks over my scalp. My hair has been falling terribly and Iím very scared Iím going to go bald. The doctor gave me tablets for allergy but I think itís more a chemical burn than an allergic reaction. Will I go bald? Please help

Darren AmbroseAnswered By:
Darren Ambrose
When bleaching you should only use 6% and below on the scalp Ė gentle lifting without heat is the key to the perfect blonde. There are products you can put on the scalp prior to bleaching that help coat the scalp itself and protect it while bleaching. Also, after the process of lifting, there is a procedure of using the correct shampoo, cool rinse and a product to rebalance the scalpís PH. For hairdressers out there that arenít knowledgeable in creating the perfect blonde there are courses with product houses that teach you how to do this in compliance with the proper regulations.

As far as Iím concerned, there should never be 12 vol applied to the scalp at any time. You would expect to see irritation to the scalp and in severe cases, burning, and you would lose elasticity and compromise the condition of the hair itself resulting in breakage. If youíre unfortunate enough that this has happened to you, Iíd recommend seeing your doctor to treat a burn, then itís a case of nourishing the scalp at all times with the right treatments. Itís impossible to comment on your hair without seeing it but in theory the root ball would still be intact so any hair that falls out will regrow after the damage is done.

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