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Candice asks:
Why does my hair look greasy after washing it with a new shampoo? It looks awful as I have very fine hair. I hope the hair will get used to the shampoo, as it is supposed to be a very good shampoo.

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
1st the shampoo and conditioner may be to heavy for your hair. 2nd after shampooing your hair rinse with as cool a water as you can stand. This will cool down your scalp and help slow down sebum production. Your scalp natural oil. 3rd only apply your conditioner too your midlengths and ends. Try and keep it away from your roots and rinse well. And remember while shampooing your hair only.use a light massage technique. Please let me know how you get on.

Laura asks:
I have very fine, fly away, frizzy hair. Unfortunately I have a lot of it which leads to a very thick head of hair which is extremely curly. My hair straightens well with a bit of time and effort and I have always been able to manage it. A major requirement when I go to the salon is to have it thinned, just to take the weight out of it. However after my last visit I have noticed that I now have very short wispy hairs all through my hair along the hair lines which is I know due to the hairdresser taking the thinning scissors to close to my root, after I find and destroy her how do I fix my hair?

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
Unfortunately there is no quick fix as far as the short wispy hair that has been caused by the thinning scissors.

What I can recommend is the Keratain Complex Treatment, this will help tame your hair and reduce drying and styling time for you and make life a lot easier. ...More >

I would strongly suggest booking a free consultation at a salon that offers this service to get more details.

Hope this helps

Gemma asks:
I am getting married next May and donít know what to do with my very fine hair I was thinking of getting extensions but had them before and as my hair is so fine you could see the glue through my hair, and to put my hair up I donít have enough hair to get a fab up do can you help please as I have no idea what to do, I also have a veil and small tiara.

Charlotte MurrayAnswered By:
Charlotte Murray
Congrats on getting married. Ok, a few ideas...

If you are fair haired you could go a bit darker to give the illusion your hair is thicker. Getting some movement and texture in the hair is helpful. Be careful that your veil and tiara arenít too heavy. ...More >

Have a few trials to make sure you feel confident with your hairdresser and take pictures. If it is loosely put up then the hair piece can be introduced into the top and blended in.

Good luck!

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