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Ashling asks:
Went for a trial with the hairdresser for wedding and she put some short layers in the front of my hair to suit the particular style we were trying out. Hated the style and now I have short layers at the front of my hair. I have long enough hair but I am worried now my choice will be limited regards upstyles with the front of my hair having short layers. I have a very high forehead and thought by letting pieces of hair down it would take from this. The wedding is 10 weeks away. Please give me advise I am so upset but donít want to go back to my stylist if it will be fine. As she is really nice and was only following the picture I showed her. I just didnít realise that the picture had layers at the front. A very upset and worried bride would be delighted to hear from somebody.

Charlotte MurrayAnswered By:
Charlotte Murray
Donít panic. Your hairdresser sounds nice so maybe talk to her about getting some temporary hair extensions for the front of your hair. Do some research on styles, put them on a file and see if it realistically they can be achieved. Keep an open mind and all will be fine. Enjoy your day

Dawn asks:
I have long straight fine hair (very fine, lots of it), it doesnít hold a curl after about 20 mins, Iím a bridesmaid very soon, and was wondering whether a hair piece would help to thicken and maybe keep a curl, what sort of hair piece would I be looking for, and would a half up, half down style work?

Charlotte MurrayAnswered By:
Charlotte Murray
Hair pieces are fantastic and if you colour match a real hair piece you can curl it and keep it for other occasions. Get your stylist to put texture into your hair, attach the piece to your crown and pile your hair into it. It will look fantastic!!!

Katie asks:
I had my hair chemically straightened 5 months ago and some parts are still wavy so should I get my hair straightened chemically once again to make them completely straight.

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
Yes 5 months later this should be fine to straighten again.

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