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Yvonne Cuneo asks:
Okay, so here goes...I have had black hair off and on for as long as I can remember but now that I am getting older I felt it looked a little too harsh! I decided I wanted to go burgundy but first thing first, I had to get the black out! So I used a colour remover to strip out the black but I made the mistake of putting it on my roots...Not only did the black hair colour come out, but it left my hair uneven like maybe some areas were more saturated than others despite me drowning my hair in it. Not only that, but I also had very hot roots! I figured I could dye over it with the burgundy and everything be fine as long as I left it on my roots longer than I did my ends...But not the case! My hair is definitely burgundy but...Many different shades of burgundy! It is not as noticeable as before I dyed it! However, I would like an even dye but really need some advice before doing anything else to my hair! Please help me! What can I do to get all of these shades the same colour?! I do not have the money for a hairdresser and I donít want to go back black!

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hello Yvonne

You donít say how long your hair is but I should imagine it must fairly long as you wouldnít have such an uneven result otherwise. The uneven result will be to do with the porosity of your hair and the roots lifted so light as there wasnít any build up of the black to remove. So how do you remedy yourself - I suggest you get a clarifying shampoo, if you canít find one use baby shampoo. Shampoo your hair as normal but leave the shampoo on for 5 minutes before rinsing then repeat the process again. This should deep cleanse your hair and lift out some of the old colour build up. Then apply a treatment mask they are many available for professional salons as well as on the high street, you want a protein and moisture repair or re-constructor. Apply according to the manufacturers instructions and cover with a plastic cap if you can, the warmth from your head makes it more effective. Once thatís done you need to rinse and apply a protein leave in conditioner again available in salons as well as the high street spray it all over your hair before combing through and then drying. Mix up the burgundy colour and apply to the roots add 10mls & 10 mls of water to the mixture and apply to the middle lengths and ends of your hair. Process as before and you should have a far more even result. When you colour your hair at the roots only refresh the ends if they need to be refreshed and always add water and protein spray, this way the colour doesnít build up or damage your hair unnecessarily. ...More >

Hope this helps

Brittany asks:
So about a month ago, I posted on reddit wondering if I could get my hair lightened to achieve an ombre look.
Problem was, Iíd been hennaíing my hair for a few years and I knew henna couldnít be bleached out without the strands turning orange or green, depending on the mix of the henna. (This blend contained no metallic salts- Itís from the henna color lab.) Reddit commenters confirmed this for me however, I ignored all of the warnings when my professional stylist continually reassured me that she could make it work and look great. We did a strand test and she said she could totally make my hair a light brown/dark blonde for the ombre look I wanted. So she takes me through a 7 hour process and I ended up with green tinted bleached hair that she had to colour back to my natural hair colour.
I have since fixed the ugly green tint in my hair with a couple blends of henna.

The problem is my hair texture now.

My hair is to the middle of my back and is a tangled bird nest every second of the day. I hate brushing my hair (I only use a tangle teezer, wide tooth comb, or a boar bristle brush) because my hair catches and snaps and just sucks altogether.
Iím not sure if it needs protein or moisture. When I stretch my strands, sometimes they stretch and then donít stretch back, or they break off, and other times they stretch and then stretch back. (If that makes sense.) I have awful split ends that Iím about to get cut off (I will take off about 2 inches).

I use Desert Essence grape shampoo and conditioner (No parabens, silicones, sulfates, etc.) I use the Olaplex No. 3 once a week.
I use Itís a 10 keratin deep conditioning treatment about 1-2 times a week.
I use coconut oil (unrefined) about 2 times a month.

I really need help. Iím not sure what to do to "fix" my hair. I know the damage has been done. Is there anything I can do/use to prevent having to cut it all off?? Any suggestions will help.

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Oh Brittany br>
Iím so sorry for you, but all is not lost as you are doing so many things correctly.

Okay so the first thing is I will always suggest a salon professional colour save shampoo they are normally an equal balance of protein and moisture, my faves are Redken and Joico. Then you need a protein treatment this will help to repair and restructure the internals of the hair again I love extreme from redken they have the new mega version too which is amazing. Then use conditioner and well as a moisturing spray in leave in conditioner. Make sure you leave the treaments and conditioners on according to instructions and comb them through before rinsing. Once you have dried your hair with a bristle brush, and the dryer on med heat med speed finish with a silicon free oil. Silk pillow case is next and brush your hair before going to bed. ...More >

It will recover eventually but this will help and little trims every 8 weeks. Good luck, Kala x

Faith asks:
Hello my name is Faith and I live in Calgary Alberta Canada. Iíve been box dying my hair on and off for a while. Iíve decided to grow it out itís been around 6 months. The problem is that my hair is down to my belly button and itís going to take forever to grow out. My hair is so many different colours and it pulls red as well, so I have that kinda orangey colour in the middle that I hate and my ends are the darkest. I donít want to cut my hair short either. I just want my hair to be all one colour and that is my natural colour. Iím scared to go to a hair dresser and have them damage my hair or have to keep going back cause Iíve heard itís a process.I just want to know what you think is the best option for me, and maybe if you can explain the choices I have or what I should talk about when going to get my hair done with the hair dresser.

Thank you so much!!

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Faith your hair sounds amazing see below my suggestions

- Get a consultation from a salon and find out what colour your hair is naturally ...More >

- Consider having a few inches off the bottom, mostly to remove the darkest of the colour

- Have a colour remover on the middle, lengths and ends of your hair to remove the majority remaining of the dark colour

- Then have an ash toner 2 shades lighter than the consultation suggested as your natural colour

- Have fine blonde highlights all the way through missing out the very top halo section of your hair This should mean you have a fairly natural even result as an all over colour broken up with very fine highlights that donít take to much commitment - maybe 1 x per year. You can just colour your roots or leave natural and manage unwanted tones whilst the colours do actually grow out with colour conditioners. It takes commitment but it will be worth it.

Good luck

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