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Faith asks:
Hello my name is Faith and I live in Calgary Alberta Canada. Iíve been box dying my hair on and off for a while. Iíve decided to grow it out itís been around 6 months. The problem is that my hair is down to my belly button and itís going to take forever to grow out. My hair is so many different colours and it pulls red as well, so I have that kinda orangey colour in the middle that I hate and my ends are the darkest. I donít want to cut my hair short either. I just want my hair to be all one colour and that is my natural colour. Iím scared to go to a hair dresser and have them damage my hair or have to keep going back cause Iíve heard itís a process.I just want to know what you think is the best option for me, and maybe if you can explain the choices I have or what I should talk about when going to get my hair done with the hair dresser.

Thank you so much!!

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Faith your hair sounds amazing see below my suggestions

- Get a consultation from a salon and find out what colour your hair is naturally ...More >

- Consider having a few inches off the bottom, mostly to remove the darkest of the colour

- Have a colour remover on the middle, lengths and ends of your hair to remove the majority remaining of the dark colour

- Then have an ash toner 2 shades lighter than the consultation suggested as your natural colour

- Have fine blonde highlights all the way through missing out the very top halo section of your hair This should mean you have a fairly natural even result as an all over colour broken up with very fine highlights that donít take to much commitment - maybe 1 x per year. You can just colour your roots or leave natural and manage unwanted tones whilst the colours do actually grow out with colour conditioners. It takes commitment but it will be worth it.

Good luck

Kessie asks:
So I want to grow out my bangs, I have straight asian thin hair and a kinda round chubby face I donít know what style would look best please help

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Kessie

I would suggest the easiest and best way to grow them out, is have the hair around your face layered and shaped, usually from the cheek bones is the best place to start. The bangs may not be long enough yet to shape into the layers but within 4-6 weeks they will be and then you can have it re shaped and go from there. Using a protein shampoo is a great way of making your fine hair have a bit more body and volume. Happy growing out!

Mrs M. asks:
I am a 54 year old female. Since going through the menopause my hair is even thinner than is used to be. My natural hair was fine, medium brown. I have coloured it dark brown as little as possible to hide the grey for about 20 years averaging perhaps 5 times a year but now my scalp shows through, especially at the back. People think I am having chemo. It is shoulder length at the moment. What can I do to minimise the appearance of grey hair and my scalp showing through? I look like a goth to as my hair is very dark but my skin is pale. What style would be best and what colour change.

Eva ProudmanAnswered By:
Eva Proudman

There will be underlying causative factors that are causing your hair to be so thin, to identify and treat these it would be necessary for you to see a Trichologist. As a cosmetic solution to cover the problem I would recommend the Postiche Lite Hair integration system, this is very gentle, causing no tension or damage to the clients own hair, for more information look at ...More >

Hope that this helps,

Love Eva x

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