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Catherine asks:
I had a new tattoo done just over 24 hours ago an planned to go have my hair roots dyed an a ombre mix on my hair ,I have been dying my hair in a salon same place for 5-6 years people are advising me to wait till tattoo has healed before I go ahead with hair dye is this correct advice ?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Catherine, I have to say I have never heard this before and have no idea why its being suggested. I am assuming the tattoo isnít on your head, as of course you would have to wait. I assume its perhaps to do with allergic reactions as you have had dye in your tattoo but after 48hrs and no reaction you should be fine. Iím not an expert in this field I am sorry, hope you get sorted.

Kala x

Samantha Carter asks:
I have long brown hair, and I have been colouring my own roots at home for many years now, every 7 weeks, as I have a lot of grey. I always target the roots only, avoiding the lengths, using a brush and bowl. I am due to have an ombre effect done next month at a hairdressers, just on the mid-length to ends, which I have wanted to do for many years. When I come to touch up my roots again, how do I stop the colour touching the ombre, is there something I can put on it to protect it from picking up the other colour and ruining the effect?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Samantha

As long as you only apply carefully to the roots as you have been doing you will be fine. When you shampoo the root colour out it will go over the ombre effect but any residue will shampoo away immediately. Good luck and I hope you love it.

Juli Street asks:
I am 52. I have a small head which is slightly flatter at the back. I have a long thin face. I have very fine hair and not much of it. I can get some volume in it for a while but then it just goes flat after about an hour, even with ídustí Iíve had bobs and pixie cuts (look like I have a bowl cut) but they always just go flat and my hair is so fine I canít get definition! Any ideas on styles that would suit me? Help!

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw

You have tried the styles I would suggest that would suit your face shape and hair type best iím afraid! Have you tried professional shampoo and protein leave in conditioner? There is so much we can do regarding diet supplements and shampoo to improve the density and texture of our hair, take a look at the above document and hopefully there are some things that you can try that will really help. ...More >

Good luck

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