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Varsha asks:
Iím 20 yrs old. I have a severe hair fall and dandruff. I have tried lot of dandruff shampoos. But that resulted in more hair fall. When I apply oil my scalp remains oily but the ends get dried easily. Can you suggest some home remedies and Indian shampoos

Anabel KingsleyAnswered By:
Anabel Kingsley
The scalp is the bedrock for the hair follicle, and if it is not in good condition the chances of you experiencing problems with hair growth and health increase significantly. In fact, research has proven that a flaky, itchy scalp can cause and/or worsen hair loss in certain individuals. The best approach is a consistent and daily one. At our Clinics in London and New York we find that daily use of a soothing, antimicrobial shampoo and a targeted post-shampoo scalp toner is the fastest and most effective way to clear dandruff. Daily treatment should be carried out until the flaking and itching subside. This can then be reduced to every other day and stopped about 10 days later. Applying an exfoliating scalp mask once to twice a week will also speed up recovery. This gently lifts away flakes and helps to return the rate of skin cell turnover on the scalp to a normal, healthy level. Coarse hair is more porous than medium or fine hair and so is prone to moisture loss. It therefore often becomes dry and frizzy. If you have coarse hair, use a re-moisturizing shampoo like Philip Kingsley Re-Moisturizing Shampoo, with anti-static ingredients.

Kat asks:
Hi I have fine hair, shoulder length that is also really frizzy, if I let it air dry. It a mixture of straight/wavy, maybe some ringlets at the front if it dries without frizz. It also gets frizzy if I blow dry it. Iíve tried various anti-frizz products but none actually help. Because of how fine my hair is conditioner and some of the anti-frizz products I use actually make my hair look kind of greasy, weighed down a bit. I just end up putting it in a ponytail when itís still wet because it doesnít frizz on top when I do that and it just looks awful if I wear it down, air-dried or blow-dried! I have no clue what to do with my hair, what can I do about the frizz? I never know what to use in terms of shampoo, conditioner, products. And every hair cut I get I looks awful to me and I hate it. Do any advice will be much appreciated. Thanks!

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Oh Kat

I suggest you use a moisturing shampoo and a spray on leave in conditioner. this way you wonít weigh the hair down too much but should be able to eliminate some of the frizz. Invest a pure bristle brush and use section your hair when gently blow drying on medium heat and medium speed. Have you ever tried large heated rollers? Finish your hair with Argan oil and try sleeping wearing a silk cap. Itís a real case of trying everything, perhaps consider a supplement too? ...More >

Good luck

Patricia asks:
I have grey hair which is extremely hard to cover by my hairdresser on my parting. For this reason i canít Home dye.

My hair is dark at roots and light brown from mid section down due to grown out highlights. I donít want dark roots I want light brown hair all over, hairdresser says my root colour canít be made lighter. Itís costing me a fortune in her salon & I donít even like my hair when I leave. Only glad to have the grey covered but I want light brown hair. Iím super pale so dark hair washes me out. Can I not have a lighter root colour on hard to cover hair?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw

That sounds bizarre to me if the grey can be covered with a dark colour it can definetly can be covered wih a lighter colour and also the grey will show so much less as the hair grows. I am going to suggest you either try another hairdresser or and I wouldnít normal encourage home colouring but just to prove a point and help you I am going to in your case. ...More >

Ask for help in a store to match the colour of your ends in order to choose a root colour, I suggest a level 6 or 7 so something called lightest brown or dark blonde. Please buy 2 boxes one of the 6 or 7 that say N or .0 and one that says its .1 or ash.

Mix half each of the natural colour and the ash colour approx 60mls of colour then mix only 40mls of the developer (20 vol / 3%) then apply liberally to your roots making sure your hair is clean and dry. Process for 40 / 45 mins regardless of the instructions. After 30 mins mix the remainder of the chosen base colour .0 or N with equal parts of water & developer - apply to the mid lengths and ends of your hair and process. Rinse and shampoo the colour from your hair and I am sure you will have a super result.

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