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Alrika asks:
I have very thin straight hair and would love a fuller, thicker hair look, but cannot seem get my hair any thicker, no matter what i try. Is there any specific thing i should be doing to get thicker hair? Also, i love the short wavy hair look, but i struggle in getting the waves to look right and to stay, should use a different method for the waves, or should I just give in and grow my hair longer.

Anabel KingsleyAnswered By:
Anabel Kingsley
When trying to achieve thicker hair there are various ways of enhancing the look of hair. The most common complaint amongst women with fine hair is that their style lacks body and bounce. For this problem, it is recommended to look for volumizing shampoos, conditioners and styling products containing plant proteins, such as quinoa and also hydrolysed keratin, which helps to give bulk to individual strands of hair. People with thin hair have more oil glands on their scalp which means it gets weighed down easily and appears flat. Philip Kingsley Tricho Pro is recommended as it helps to protect the hair Ė reducing breakage by hair being easier to comb. Damage and breakage can thin the appearance of the mid-lengths and ends. For a voluminous foundation style, use of a lightweight body building shampoo such as Philip Kingsley Body Building Shampoo is advised followed by Philip Kingsley Body Building Conditioner, to smooth the cuticle and help prevent flyaways. When applying conditioner, apply from mid-length to ends to avoid limp and lacklustre roots. After washing your hair, the PK Tricho pro thickening protein spray (part of the Philip Kingsley Trichotherapy Range) can be applied from mid lengths to ends. Trichotherapy contains stimulating anti-androgenic scalp drops that help to encourage healthy hair growth from the follicle - a thickening, strengthening protein spray that adds immediate body and helps to improve the integrity of strands over time. When styling hair it is important to remember that fine hair is more fragile, so use of a thickening heat protective spray such as PK Perfecting Spray is essential when applying heat. PK Prep Plumping Cream is also available for thickening hair, this can be used to add bulk to strands of hair. Hair trimming is feared by some because of loss of length but hair trimming helps to create the appearance of thicker hair whilst maintaining healthy hair by eliminating split ends.

Angelina asks:
Hi, I have baby fine medium brown hair, which I dye my hair since I started getting a few grey hairs. I used to perm but it is too hard on my hair. Iím trying to get help. My hair is medium length, the back is shoulder length and the front is chin length, with bangs and lots of layers, which I have to try and create volume. I have a centre part, but my hair is starting to thin in the middle. I use root lifting and voluminous products from Sally Beauty Supplies. Iím not sure what medium length hair cut would be good for fine hair. I have a heart shaped face and I want to keep my bangs and wondered what style would suit me? Appreciate any help, Thanks you!

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hello Angelina, I think firstly it is important that you use a volumising shampoo and perhaps a dry shampoo at the root area. This will really help you achieve more body and volume overall. As far as your hair style is concerned I would say for you to try and wear the parting slightly off centre, carry on using a lightweight gel or lotion as a blowdry volumising product. I would wear your fringe (bangs) swept slightly to the side that way it compliments the off centre parting as well as frames your face. As far as layers are concerned I always say less is better. Some light layering around the face as the hair is generally more fragile but otherwise you want to have as much hair as possible. Keep the hair blunt cut on the bottom and have some very fine blonde babylights to disguise the fine grey hairs and also add dimension to your hair. Try using dry shampoo in the root area even on clean dry hair as well as using your salt spray for creating texture on days you want to wash and leave. Have you ever tried using a diffuser to create body and volume when drying your hair? Good luck

michelle asks:
Hi, I had my hair professionally dyed purple with light brown íunderneathí the colour (my natural hair colour is a light brown) at a hairdressers a good 6 months ago. Iíve since re-dyed it myself with semi permanent box dye (cyber purple Schwarzkopf) and it has turned out fine. Itís been a few months since Iíve dyed it so the colourís started to lighten naturally. However, Iím now looking to go even brighter but I can not afford to go to the hairdressers and pay for them to lighten it, nor do I want to risk bleaching it and it turning green or getting insanely damaged because Iím going away in 2 days. Is it possible to just buy a brighter purple dye and dye over it?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hello Michelle, Iím afraid you canít make artificial colour lighter so you will have to lighten the hair as much as possible! I suggest you either use a very high detergent shampoo and leave it on for 5 minutes rinse and repeat and then apply the brightest purple you can buy. As the colour you previously had will fade all the time and the detergent will remove some colour you will eventually have a lighter base therefore a brighter purple. You could also try a colour remover from the high street but wait a day or 2 before applying the purple. Alternatively have a bleach bath at a salon then do the purple yourself. Good luck

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