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Ducard asks:
PLZ HELP! Hello, not sure how this works exactly but Iím quite desperate for answers so here we go.
Iím a 21 year old male and I have blonde...straight to wavy hair falling down past my shoulders that happens to be pretty fine... fine as in thin not balding or anything but thin hair. Although thin I have been told that I have a "dense" head of hair as in thin hairs but a lot of them.... now on to the question I always had short hair growing up but a year or two ago I began growing my hair out because I wanted a ponytail. The ponytail style that I seek is Val Kilmer in the 1995 movie Heat.... Please search it for reference. While it looks kinda simple I find it extremely hard to prepare. I get the front all even and situated but when I pull it back into the tail it falls flat and loses all the height and symmetry that it had before I pulled it back. So my question is how do I accomplish this ponytail? What products do you recommend and maybe some advice on the preparation such as blow drying etc. and I do know you donít know exactly what I look like but even if you can answer for me personally what do you think the actor did to accomplish the style? A reply would be very appreciated!!!! Thank you

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hello Ducard
I looked up Val as per your request; so firstly you need to use a shampoo for fine hair. A protein based one or one that says it is specially for fine limp hair, this is the best place to start. Then a trim with a few long layers in your hair as it will allow it to have more movement. I would suggest you rough dry your hair with a hairdryer and direct the nozzle into the root area of your hair also to help create volume. I then suggest using dry shampoo, spray it into the root area of your clean dry hair. The clay base of the product means it acts a bit like starch and gives lift and texture. To create the ponytail, pull all the hair back with your hands, secure with a band then give you head a good shake so the shorter layers fall out of the band. Really good luck

Patricia asks:
Hi there.My hair is fine straight and I have loads. My hair falls flat without lots of layers to give it height and is full of kinks and licks. I lost a lot of hair due to a drug I was on and it has grown back well. My hair is a chin length bob but would love something different, it was strawberry blonde but my current hairdresser has dyed it brunette with blonde highlights but it is too dark even though I have brown eyes.Have you any suggestions?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Iím so pleased your hair has grown back so well, I think you should have a choppy layered bob, tapered right into the neck with some honey and caramel slices to totally lift your look. Really good luck x

Varsha asks:
Iím 20 yrs old. I have a severe hair fall and dandruff. I have tried lot of dandruff shampoos. But that resulted in more hair fall. When I apply oil my scalp remains oily but the ends get dried easily. Can you suggest some home remedies and Indian shampoos

Anabel KingsleyAnswered By:
Anabel Kingsley
The scalp is the bedrock for the hair follicle, and if it is not in good condition the chances of you experiencing problems with hair growth and health increase significantly. In fact, research has proven that a flaky, itchy scalp can cause and/or worsen hair loss in certain individuals. The best approach is a consistent and daily one. At our Clinics in London and New York we find that daily use of a soothing, antimicrobial shampoo and a targeted post-shampoo scalp toner is the fastest and most effective way to clear dandruff. Daily treatment should be carried out until the flaking and itching subside. This can then be reduced to every other day and stopped about 10 days later. Applying an exfoliating scalp mask once to twice a week will also speed up recovery. This gently lifts away flakes and helps to return the rate of skin cell turnover on the scalp to a normal, healthy level. Coarse hair is more porous than medium or fine hair and so is prone to moisture loss. It therefore often becomes dry and frizzy. If you have coarse hair, use a re-moisturizing shampoo like Philip Kingsley Re-Moisturizing Shampoo, with anti-static ingredients.

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