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Midia asks:
Hi, throughout my childhood and into my teens I have always had curly, mostly frizzy hair (more so because no one on my mothers side had my hair type and I didn’t know that I needed moisture to retain the clean curls). She regrets it now but my mother used to straighten my hair everyday to keep it ’tidy’ and only from age 12-13 did I embrace my frizzy head and stopped straightening... unfortunately when I visited Bangladesh, an uncle of mine suggested I ’straighten ’ my hair when I was 14. I wasn’t very fluent in Bengali and I didn’t understand what was going on- only later to realise I got a straightening PERM. It smelt horrid for MONTHS and my mother was devastated!
That was in 2014 and my texture has not come back now in 2019... perhaps my hair was going to turn straight with age anyway? But I feel that it cannot be true. I had SO much texture before and as annoying the frizz was- I miss it!
My hair now is very fine, dull and straight. I have not put heat on my hair for 4 years and I try to take care of it as much as possible. Is there any hope?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hello Midia, I suggest you perhaps should take a hair supplement, make sure your diet is full of vitamins A D E as well as lots of Omega fish oils. The hair is the last place to receive nutrition so a supplemented diet really does help. Then use the best quality moisturising shampoo and conditioner as you can as well as a weekly moisture treatment mask. This will really help hydrate your hair, then apply a leave in moisture curl enhancer spray and diffuse your hair with a hairdryer on a low heat and speed. After a few weeks and a little trim I’m sure you will see the natural movement return. Good luck

Sally asks:
Hi there, I have a client who is Latina. She has a base 4 hair and wanted it slightly lighter to match highlights she’d had in the past but didn’t want to use bleach so I used Majiblonde high lift in fine highlights which came out quite caramel. With the sun they’ve turned brassy and she wants me to put dark back through it to break it up. I was going to use Inoa 4.15 as an ash brown to break it up. What do you suggest?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Sally, I would run a 6 ash through the whole head as a semi, to cool the highlights down. Then dye a 5 base on the roots, aiming to do a 6 base eventually! Hope that makes sense!

Olivia asks:
My hair is very damaged. I wear it in a very short style, because most of the lengths and ends have broken away, and it desperately needs a trim, but I don’t want my hair to be any shorter than it already is. How can I encourage my hair to grow longer faster? And how can I get rid of the split ends without making my style even shorter?

Steve RowbottomAnswered By:
Steve Rowbottom
You need to get rid of the damaged split ends and the only way to do this is by cutting the hair, as they are beyond repair. However, don’t worry, as the damaged ends tend to be very fine anyway, so getting rid of them won’t drastically alter the appearance of your style and will actually make your hair look much healthier and your style look far more flattering.
Use products to help restore the damage to your remaining locks, and to help prevent further damage – investing in an intensive conditioning mask rich in proteins and a protective leave-in conditioning spray with heat protective qualities is a good start. You should also consider trying a monthly professional conditioning treatment, which will help to initiate the repair process, continuing until you see a marked improvement in the quality of your hair. Once you’ve tackled the damaged hair, you can shift your focus to encouraging new healthy hair growth. Stimulate the follicles with regular scalp massage, using a detoxifying ‘exfoliating’ shampoo, which helps to promote growth further. If you worry that diet or an underlying health issue is affecting normal hair growth then speak to a Trichologist – hair loss clinics such as Unlimited Hairloss Solutions, who we recommend to our clients suffering from thinning hair – can help you with this. If you really can’t wait for your new healthy hair to return then you should consider extensions.

At our nine Westrow salons we offer hugely effective, seamless extensions that won’t damage existing hair, however any local professional stylist or salon that specialises in extensions will be able to help you find the right type to suit your hair, your hair goals and your lifestyle.

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