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Kayla asks:
I am 15 and I have, I guess what you would say maybe a punky style. I just recently got my hair cut short. Maybe a little shorter than shoulder length with layers, the style I am trying to achieve is, maybe kind-of 80s. I want it to be BIG. I have tried different hairsprays and hair waxes. I have thick and heavy hair and I think a lot of products make my hair even heavier. So if you have any suggestions to what I can do to achieve the style I want it would be greatly appreciated.

Andrew JoseAnswered By:
Andrew Jose
If you want BIG hair, waxes are too heavy for the length of your hair, waxes are designed for shorter hair and are great for creating a bit of texture in longer hair but not for boosting body, if anything they will make your hair flat! Try using a volumising range of products such as the Healthy Hair Fine Fragile and Stressed Range (available from Boots) The range contains a shampoo, conditioner, volumising mousse and volumising spray specifically designed for hair that needs a volume boost! Also when blow-drying your hair use a barrel brush as this will help to create volume! The bigger the better!

Paul Reeves asks:
I am having a hair crisis I have been growing my hair but have no idea what style to have done. I really need some improvement if I am ever to get another girlfriend as at the moment I look like Wolf out of Gladiators than Johnny Depp. I have a round/oval face and my hair is thick but quite fine and fairly curly (it keeps going into girly ringlets or a big fuzz with no products. I enjoy snowboarding and kite surfing etc but like to dress pretty fashionably (I think!) but really need advice on a trendy contemporary style. Preferably keeping it a bit long but I am open to all ideas straightening, colours etc. I would appreciate any advice and a recommendation for a good stylist. The last lady I went to just looked at my hair and said its curly so I cannot do a lot apart from trim the ends.

Andrew JoseAnswered By:
Andrew Jose
Well Wolf out the Gladiators is a definite NO, NO as far as hair goes so you were right to ask for advice! You sound like you are a outdoor kind of guy so the long hair thing is a yes as long as its not too long and definitely not too groomed! To be honest if you hair is very curly longer is better as the more weight in the hair the looser the curls will be. I would advise using conditioner when washing your hair as this will help hair to be softer curls rather than frizzy. When styling your hair use a clay product such as Jlife Rocker as this will enable you to manipulate the hair and dread it slightly to give you a surfy look. Salt sprays are really good too for giving hair a messy look and to make things really easy

Sheryl asks:
I high-lite my hair at home it always goes fine but this time I left it in to long and it is now very blonde is there anyway I can make it not so bright because its almost white.

Diana DudasAnswered By:
Diana Dudas
You will need to get a toner that has a little gold in it. This will give your hair some depth of colour. Be careful not to leave on for too long as your hair will now be very porous and absorb colour quickly.

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