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Gemma asks:
I had my haircut and I got a side fringe but I think the hairdresser has cut it wrong because after I had it cut I canít put it in a proper score and so iíve had to split my side fringe and iíve grown my fringe with a middle score so that their is two parts at each side.I have waited for them to grow and i have relised theyíve grown a little they are just below my eyes and iím going to get ti cut soon and iím just wondering if I would be able to get it cut properly back into a side fringe with this length or would I have to gorw it longer first.

Diana DudasAnswered By:
Diana Dudas
Hi Gemma, it would be fine to get your hair recut now. The stylsit will need to cut your hair in a way as to re-distribute weight whcih will lure your hair over to one side. Diana

Sue asks:
I am going to a wedding in France mid August. I have shoulder length fairly fine hair with a fringe. I want to wear it up. What style would you suggest that I can do myself as I cannot get a hair appointment. HELP!

The Dream QueensAnswered By:
The Dream Queens
Up styles do not have to be too difficult and with this style you can always do it yourself! The easiest is the ponytail - but not just a boring one, dress it up with some back combing for added oompf, or wrap a head band around (they are very hot this season). Accessories are very big (in size!) and just look great clipped to the side of simple ponytail. Ultimately, keep it simple but accessories, accessories, accessories!

Jennifer asks:
I am 20, and for the past year and a half I have had long extensions, there have been times when I have gone a few months without wearing them, but I am very addicted to them, I love going out with my long blonde hair, I feel great, and if there not in, I will not go out. I have had my extensions out for about a month now. My hair was not in the best condition to start with, very fine and quite split, but now after the abuse I have caused my head, ... I am not going bald!, but I can certainly tell that I have a little less hair than I used to, because of the constant pulling and glue application! I know I need to keep them out, but I do not feel short hair suits me, is there anything you can recommend to help strengthen my hair ?

Michelle GriffinAnswered By:
Michelle Griffin
What a shame that you feel that hair extensions have caused damage to your hair. Extensions are usually very safe and if applied correctly with the correct bonding there really should be no effect on your natural hair. I have been wearing extensions for almost 10 years because my hair is very, very fine and have never found that my hair is thinner. Sometimes you get the feeling that your hair is finer because you easily become used to the extra thickness. Take a look at the HairMax Laser Comb. If you do want to give your hair a rest, then I would suggest you start to use a hair thickening/loss professional product called Nioxin. It is an amazing product that actually helps hair to grow to its maxim strength. It is only available in professional salons.

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