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Ausa asks:
Question: I have 2 questions.
1) I have been trying to grow my hari long for the past 15 years, but as it is very brittle, it breaks by the time it reaches shoulder lenght. It is naturally a bit curly, but very fine. Should I use shampoo for dry, long or frizzy hair?
2) My home is damp, wherefore I am using a dehumidifier. It works wonders; in fact, it is drying out my hair aswell! I am trying not to use it while at home, but come winter, and I will need to keep it on 24 hours/day. Is there anyway I can protect my hair? I am treating it with olive-oil and rosemary once/week (hair is still dry to the point that it will not absorb the leave-in conditioner that previously was good!) Would the hair be protected by keeping it damp in a shower cap while home with the dehumidifier? Anything else I could use to prevent my already brittle hair to completely break?

Richard WardAnswered By:
Richard Ward
Richard says, íwow you are certainly dedicated! Have you ever considered hair extensions? They would be ideal for your needs as you can have them as long as you like. To be honest, all hair has a maximum growth rate and I would say that yours has reached it so there isnít a quick fix solution to make it grow.
If your hair is brittle, then you should really be using a deep moisturizing shampoo range.

In regards to the humidifying question - eek! Yep, your hair is loosing all its moisture so I would suggest keeping a bottle of leave-in spritz conditioner near by to replace the lost moisture. Definitely treat your hair with a deep conditioning treatment twice a week too.í

maebh asks:
I have straight fine hair (like babies hair hairdressers tell me with an annoyed look on their face). And I have a heart shaped face I would really like you to tell me which hairstyles are suitable for me. Whenever I go to a salon with a picture I am told that the style is not suitable for my hair so if you tell me what is suitable the decision will be easier. I must also tell you that I am incredible lazy when it comes to styling. If I do blow dry my hair it is usually just turning upsidedown and giving it a blast. You help would be greatly appreciated.

Michelle GriffinAnswered By:
Michelle Griffin
Heart shapes need to avoid jaw length styles as your widest point is from ear to ear and it will just accentuate this. You need to wear your hair longer to elongate your face, so shoulder length is perfect. The best style is a one length bob and with the bob being the in style at the moment this would be ideal as its easy to style, looks gorgeous and great for your hair texture.

John asks:
I donít like my hairline it doesnít follow my hairstyle i have to shave my hair everyday when it grows past the hairline i want to the hairline iím supposed to have . Do you have any tips where i can keep the hairline i want without having to shave it?

Richard WardAnswered By:
Richard Ward
Iím afraid your hairline, is your hairline - you canít move it. Why donít you visit your local hairdresser and get them to give you a definite style. Itís fine to shave parts of the hair yourself to keep it tidy but I wouldnít do it all the time.

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