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Becky asks:
I wonder if you could help me? I am 16 and am currently growing my hair out for my cousinís wedding. Itís getting pretty long now, in the middle of my bust and shoulders. Itís kind of wavy and I have layers and shorter sections at the front. I want a complete change of style for the summer. My face is oval shaped, but I have very defined cheek bones. I am plumpish too. What would you suggest?

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
If you have an oval faces try not to opt for a style that is too long, as this will drag down your features. I would say you can go as long as shoulder length with lots of volume, so itís probably a good idea to have a bit of a chop before the wedding. Your face is a very versatile shape and is on par with the heart shaped girls, so youíre super lucky in that there are quite a few style options you can choose from. Make sure your layers are shorter around the face to give the illusion of a more rounded jaw line. I wouldnít recommend blunt lines as they can be too harsh for your face shape - incorporate some tailored lines with softer edges to suit your body shape you could adapt the super trendy sleek sharp bob with a fringe, by having a longer length at the front and a softer side fringe. You could also either go wavy or straight: if you opt for the poker straight look accentuate the sleekness with a quick spritz of my Shine Head Shine Spray (£5.99 75ml Boots)

Carol asks:
My hair is a shot bob is there any way of putting it up for a party!

Mark WoolleyAnswered By:
Mark Woolley
Depending on how short your bob is, I think you have two options in putting it up for a party. If you do not have that much length to work with then I would recommend pulling up front sections of hair to create an edgy quiff. You can achieve this by creating a section at the front of your head and backcombing this section of hair. Then use a natural bristle brush such as Kentís Oval Pure Bristle Grooming Brush (£6.75) to smooth over the front of your quiff and then discreetly pin into place, setting with some powerful hairspray such as Fudge Membrane Gas (£10.95). Any hair that is too short to fit into the quiff itself can either be slicked back with gel and pinned for a dramatically sleek look, or left to hang down and straightened. If you have a mid to shoulder length bob why not try a small, delicate beehive, which can then be easily dressed up with some hair accessories for a touch more glamour! To achieve this look begin by applying some Fudge Pump Up Foaming Gel (£9.95) to your hair and then rough dry to create a matt, fluffy finish. This makes the hair more textured, giving it more grip, and so makes it easier to work with. Next, using a tail comb such as Kentís Fine Tail Comb, (£3.75) backcomb hair at the back of the crown and then again, smooth over with a natural bristle brush and secure at the base of the nape with pins. You may wish to pull out a few wispy sections of hair at the front to give the style a more bohemian, natural feel. Finish your style with a good dose of hairspray so you can enjoy your party without worrying about sections of hair falling out, and another top tip, always have some spare kirby grips with youÖ.just in case!

Ann-Margaret asks:
I am 55 years old. I started going grey when I was 11. I started dying it when I was 19 and have done it ever since. Now I want to let it go grey but my hairdresser is going crazy. For some months I have had the sides growing out and would now like to do the rest but again my lovely hairdresser is against this. How can I do this without to much stress? My hair is shoulder length and I want to continue growing it. It has also got a kink in it.

Jason JohnsonAnswered By:
Jason Johnson
I agree with your hairdresser. There is nothing worse than watching a colour grow out! My advice would be to have the same colour in lowlights which will allow you to decide if you do really want the white hair to come through totally, if you do you can simply have less lowlights each time with finer pieces of colour. This will then make it easier and is almost like when you first start gaining white hair. It is a much more client friendly and hairdresser friendly way of doing it!

Good luck

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