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Livvy asks:
Iím 16 and my Dad is getting me hair extensions because I have very fine, flat hair at the top of my head, but at the sides it is quite thick and we wondered if this would balance it out? Also do you have any tips on how to create volume on top after my extensions, as I have quite a small forehead so the thickness at the sides makes my face look very triangular and round.

Rafael RosasAnswered By:
Rafael Rosas
Hi Livvy - If the stylist applies the extensions correctly, they should blend in. To create volume on the top, use a side parting, Use a volumizing product with a large boar bristle brush, and lift the brush straight up when drying your hair. You might attempt to back comb or tease the hair to create volume.

Reny asks:
I am an Asian gal and my hair is fine and weak. I have more curls in front and a bit straight at the back. I want to go for straightening using perm solution, does it damage my hair?

Rafael RosasAnswered By:
Rafael Rosas
Do a series of reconstructor treatments before you do the straightening service. I suggest before you do the straightening service, do a strand test first. Get a small amount of your hair and do the service on that piece only. If the hair is normal, then continue with the service on the rest of the hair.

TA asks:
I have been on steroids for 18 months and my face shape has changed its very fat and round I have short hair but what style would help me?

Martin HillierAnswered By:
Martin Hillier
We need to look at whether the drug regimen you are on at the moment is going to be long term, permanent, or just temporary? It would seem for your pre-steroid face shape, short sassy looks worked very well; you may only need to adapt this for your current situation. For instance, getting your hairstylist to bring the shape closer on the side may help define the shape more? Alternatively, some rounder face shapes benefit from growing the hair a little and bringing it softly onto the face to take the fullness away and elongate the shape. Whatever you do, remember hair is the one accessory you carry with you every day and can afford to change around according to your mood so have fun with it and good luck with your treatments.

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