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Debbie asks:
I hate my natural hair! It is a mixture of curls, waves, straight bits and frizz! I straighten it with GHDs however if I go outside and the air is damp/humid it goes curly/frizzy. Also, I’m a dancer and as soon as I start to dance my hair does the same and within 5mins is just one big mess! Is there anyway to keep my hair straight in these situations? How do pop stars keep their hair perfect when they’re performing on stage?

Akin KoniziAnswered By:
Akin Konizi
To eliminate the frizz in your hair, I would recommend the ‘Brazilian Blowout’ service. Specially formulated to make your locks smooth and frizz-free, it will create more controlled and defined curls, giving your hair a new lease of life.

Corinne asks:
I wonder if you can help me. I have fine hair that is grey. I love the colour of it, but I have noticed lately that the grey is tarnished in two spots (each side of my parting). I use the blue shampoo. Is there a product, a rinse that I can use to get rid of the tarnish look and get back my silver grey hair?

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
There are a couple of really good products on the market for you. One is Wella System Professional Silver Saver Shampoo and the other is Wella Colour Fresh Manhattan 0/6.

Both will help revive the silver and make it brighter.

Karen asks:
I have pretty stubborn hair, and I don’t know what to do to keep it under control. When I straighten it, it looks fine for a while. The thing about my hair is, it stays straight but gets bigger and bigger so it looks really unattractive. Are there any sprays or lotions or anything I can use? It’s long, wavy, and frizzy/puffy naturally). Biosilk and Finesse do not work, and my hair straighteners from Conair do not work that well either. I have tried straightening in small sections but it reverts back to normal in a very short time. I’m afraid to walk past fans because my hair will blow in different directions and all that time would be ruined.

Diana DudasAnswered By:
Diana Dudas
Humidity is obviously getting into your hair either that or you are not drying your hair completely before straightening, which will cause your hair to revert to frizz. Make sure that you use a good non chemical hair relaxer such as Razzamatazz strait time, comb it through to make your hair smooth and then dry this in thoroughly before using flat irons. Once your hair is dry use a serum such as razzamatazz glitz to keep out humidity.

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