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Andrew asks:
I want to be able to keep my hair wet and smooth looking all day. I currently straighten my hair and use conditioner regularly. Is there any product I can use after a flat iron to give it a manageable, wet, smooth shine? One example is Craig Mabbitt of Escape The Fate.

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
There is a product by Nicky Clarke called shimmer spray, this is similar to a serum however it is fine and contains an extremely high gloss.

Kathryn asks:
For quite a while i went through a phase of wanting to be blonde and so I had bleach blonde highlights put in my hair. Now, after not having anything to dowith colour done to my hair for about 8 months, I have decided to get my hair recoloured. However I do not want bleach blonde highlights again but more highlights that are of a reddy/browny colour which is close to my natural hair colour which is a medium brown colour. My usual hairdresser however seems to think this would not suit my skin colour which is quite fair but I would not say pale. Is my hairdresser right? If so what hair colour would you recommend?

Mark WoolleyAnswered By:
Mark Woolley
Dramatically changing your hair colour can be a scary prospect so it is fantastic that you are taking your time to make a decision, rather than just rushing into something! I think if your hair is already a medium brown and you simply want to add a few warmer tones, you should not have a problem with this clashing with your skin tone. I think the problem would come if you decided to change your whole hair colour to something a lot darker as this could wash you out and make you look pasty! Going darker when you have fair skin can also age you. As long as you stick to warm, red tones you should be fine! You should remember that with any hair colour, aftercare is paramount, and so invest in a good colour care shampoo and conditioner such as Fudge Colour Lock (£9.95 each).

Sally asks:
I have fine shoulder length hair which I normally have highlighted, cut into a bob with a side fringe. My face is heart shaped. I have had this style for years but would really like to try something different. I canít grow it longer as it so fine and it doesnít suit me to have it short. I have quite a pale skin tone so canít go too dark. What would you suggest?

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
Sometimes we donít always like what we are given, however if you are bored with this style and canít grow it longer and also feel it doesnít suit you short then you are very limited to what you can achieve, BUT why not experiment with the colour and try changing shades and tone to make it feel a little more interesting and different.

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