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Nicole asks:
Hi, my hair is really damaged after visiting a hair salon who told me that I should have bleach highlights to make my hair blonder. I was quite blonde anyway and now I am really blonde but it has gone quite yellow and very dry at the ends. I am hoping that the yellow will fade and I need to stop my hair being so dry. I would like some advice

Barbara DaleyAnswered By:
Barbara Daley
Unfortunately there is no quick fix when you have gone too blonde. Some hairdressers would suggest lowlights but with you mentioning the dryness and damage you now feel on the ends I worry that your hair would not hold the darker colour and it could end up washing through the rest of your highlights giving a muddy cast. I would recommend giving your hair a break from colour, letting some of the highlights grow out, having a good cut to strengthen up the dry ends and using a course of strengthening products to restore and repair. Kerastase Bain de Force and Ciment Anti Usure Conditioner are fantastic everyday products to rebuild damaged hair. Once you have about 12 weeks regrowth you can start again with a new finer set of highlights, with more space in between. In the meantime you could use a silver shampoo once a week to tone down the yellow, líoreal Serie Expert Shine Blonde Shampoo is my favourite, it takes the brassy feel away without giving that granny sheen. Or better still if you can, have a semi toner done professionally at the salon along with a strengthening treatment once every 4 weeks.

Victoria asks:
I have long fine hair which is naturally wavy but doesnít look good straight as it just íhangsí. I also donít suit short styles and donít have much time (or ability) for styling. Last year I had it permed - it was the best thing I did, I loved it, it was the only time I have EVER felt good about my hair and it really boosted my confidence. I had it re-done six months after the first time, but it didnít take well and they had to re-do it (admittedly it was not as good as the first time). Now six months later I have since moved and gone to a new hairdresser, who has refused to do it again. He told me the ends were too damaged and the only thing I could do was to have it cut short and let it re-grow. As I already said it does not suit me short or straight and I have a problem with my hands which makes using tongs and straighteners difficult anyway. I am gutted and really donít know what to do - advice please.

Anne VeckAnswered By:
Anne Veck
The hairdresser who refused to do it might have been right (difficult to say without seeing your hair) because by now youíve had 3 perms in the last 6 months and if your hair is past your shoulder itís about 2 or 3 years old. So all the chemical work you had done is still there plus the effects of 3 summers, chlorine from the swimming pool, etc and the wear and tear of the hair rubbing on your clothes. So ideally you need to grow all the perm out. The first perm you had was great because it was done on virgin hair. You should only have a perm once a year and you should definitely cut quite a bit of the old hair off.

Nikita Goel asks:
I want to get rebonding done in July is this season okay for rebonding??

Rachel BakerAnswered By:
Rachel Baker
Rebonding of your hair extensions is perfectly fine in any month of the year as long as it is done by a qualified professional using the correct equipment and tools. It is very important that you keep the bonds in good condition by having your regular maintenances to ensure the condition of your hair is kept perfect.

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