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Diana asks:
I have very fine hair that is medium in length and very thin. The problem I have, is that my hair seems to separate within about 20 minutes of brushing it. It makes my hair look very unhealthy. How do I stop this separation from happening?

Benjamin ShipmanAnswered By:
Benjamin Shipman
It sounds as if your hair is limp and lank, either from excess product or from natural sebum production. The grease, be it natural or caused by products, is separating your hair in to sections. You have naturally very fine hair, and separation is a fairly common problem among people who have fine hair, as it is the first hair type to be affected by any kind of excess oil in the hair. My first piece of advice would be to try a special shampoo, such as Kebelo Clarifying Shampoo, that purifies the hair more than an ordinary shampoo. Clarifying Shampoo acts like an exfoliator for the hair and scalp, ridding it of excess styling products, environmental impurities, grease, sweat and dirt build-up. These are common causes of limp, lank hair that can separate, as you have described. If, after trying a deep-cleansing shampoo, you notice hair is becoming separated again within a day or two, it may be that you have naturally oily hair, that needs caring for with products tailored specifically to this hair type. Kebeloís award-winning Revitalising range is a prescriptive range of products, designed especially for fine hair that is naturally oily and limp. The Revitalising Shampoo has been formulated to remove excess oils from the hair and scalp, without stripping the hair or leaving it dry. The Revitalising Conditioner has been created to give an injection of moisture to hair and nourishing locks, but without adding any grease or weight to the hair, so it doesnít cause the separation problem you have described. As your hair is medium length, you may also benefit from the BONDAGE Weekly Colour Masque, which provides additional deep conditioning and repair to any damaged hair, which then boosts the hairís body and volume. If you notice your hair is still becoming greasy and separated, within the same day as washing it, take a look at the styling products you are using. If you are using any serums or finishing products, make sure they are specifically for very fine hair. If you wish to smooth your hair, oils should generally be avoided, as they are too heavy for fine hair, whereas smoothing creams are much more suitable.

Melissa asks:
I have fine shoulder length hair and have been trying to create the beach wave Caroline flacks look. Iíve used a 32inch wand and smaller curling iron I also used tresemme curl activator still it falls out Ghd make it too curly plus I donít know how to curl with them. Iíve bought líoreal beach waves havenít tried it yet. Does anyone have any advice or am I stuck with boring straight hair. If I got a few extensions in would that help?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Melissa

Its very difficult the create curls that last on long fine hair, but my suggestion is make sure your hair is freshly shampooed and you have only conditioned the ends of the hair. Once you hair is dry spray some dry shampoo all through the root area. Then section the hair carefully and curl with what ever tool you find easiest to use. Once you have curled the section and you should only need to have the wand/ iron in the hair for about 10 seconds, wrap the curl you have created around your fingers and use a hair grip to secure it at the root. Heat creates shape and cool fixes it so by gripping the curls you allow the hair to cool down which helps fix it. Leave foe at least 5 mins spay again with dry shampoo or a very dry hairspray before releasing the clips and then shake out your hair gently. I think this should really help.

Nicole asks:
Hi, my hair is really damaged after visiting a hair salon who told me that I should have bleach highlights to make my hair blonder. I was quite blonde anyway and now I am really blonde but it has gone quite yellow and very dry at the ends. I am hoping that the yellow will fade and I need to stop my hair being so dry. I would like some advice

Barbara DaleyAnswered By:
Barbara Daley
Unfortunately there is no quick fix when you have gone too blonde. Some hairdressers would suggest lowlights but with you mentioning the dryness and damage you now feel on the ends I worry that your hair would not hold the darker colour and it could end up washing through the rest of your highlights giving a muddy cast. I would recommend giving your hair a break from colour, letting some of the highlights grow out, having a good cut to strengthen up the dry ends and using a course of strengthening products to restore and repair. Kerastase Bain de Force and Ciment Anti Usure Conditioner are fantastic everyday products to rebuild damaged hair. Once you have about 12 weeks regrowth you can start again with a new finer set of highlights, with more space in between. In the meantime you could use a silver shampoo once a week to tone down the yellow, líoreal Serie Expert Shine Blonde Shampoo is my favourite, it takes the brassy feel away without giving that granny sheen. Or better still if you can, have a semi toner done professionally at the salon along with a strengthening treatment once every 4 weeks.

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