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Stacey asks:
I sort of have a few challenges all in one which is frustrating! I have very fine hair, I have a double crown and my hair gets greasy very easily too. I wear my hair short because when I try to grow it, it tends to get a bit straggly, limp and again greasy. The double crown doesnít help because when I wake up in the morning itís sticking up all over the place and when trying to grow it I still have to wash it and blow dry it every single day. Iíd love to have feminine, long luscious hair - is there any way I can achieve this? Or will I always have short hair? And if I will always have short hair thatís fine but how do I combat the double crown and grease! I feel so yucky and not like a lady at all! Though it does look great when freshly washed and blow dried, but disastrous the next morning! Thanks heaps for your help!

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
Ok letís try to sort the oily hair out first. Firstly invest in a specific oily scalp shampoo and always wash your hair with luke warm water and not hot is this makes the scalp produce more oil.

As far as the double crown is concerned Iím afraid that will always be a problem with short styles but just as a suggestion you could consider Racoon Internationalís hair extensions to make your hair thicker and also the length youíve been after.

Carly asks:
All my life I have had short hair, shoulder length at its longest, and it has always been a really dark colour, itís black at the min. I would really like to change my hair and go for a chocolate brown with caramel coloured highlights but I also want to have really long hair, so also extensions are in the picture. I was looking at hairstyles the stars have and really like a cross between Tyra Banks and Cheryl Cole hairstyles. Any recommendations/price ranges? I also have an oval face with medium to pale skin tone but often use fake tan, would this hairstyle suit both skin tones and my facial shape?

Diane ShawAnswered By:
Diane Shaw
Has your hair been naturally short, or have you kept it to a certain length by cutting it?

Shoulder length hair is an acceptable length for hair extensions. I would recommend you go no longer than 16Ē which would come down to about your bra strap at the back. ...More >

If you find a good consultant, she should be able to supply your with the mixture you want without making it look too odd. If you have a sensitive scalp, or your hair is quite fine, then I would recommend one of three techniques: Hook and Latch (no thread no glue) Micro ring track (using cold bond and micro rings) this is very light and very flat or the integrated weave technique (thin cornrow with weft of hair added)

All of the above techniques does not have any individual stress points to the hair and gives even distribution throughout. The integrated weave is particularly good for hot weather or if you have a hectic physical lifestyle such as the gym or swimming.

With regards to your face shape, it would be up to your technician and self to decide on styling your hair after the extensions have been added. Tyra Banks and Cheryl Cole use different types of extensions to produce a certain look. If you have not used hair extensions before or have experience in working with long hair, I suggest you break yourself in gently, when you get use to them you can then become a little more adventurous.

What you should expect to pay should be between £230 - £280 for 100% Remy treated hair.

Jessica asks:
My hair is quite fine and I was wondering if real extensions would damage my hair even more or should I just get the clip in ones and if so do you know any cheap places in the Aberdeenshire area?

Diane ShawAnswered By:
Diane Shaw
Real hair extensions would not damage your hair if they are correctly applied and looked after. With fine hair, you have a couple of choices as to which techniques might best suit you. Firstly it depends on the length of your hair and the overall style and look that you want as an end result.

It might be best if you look at trying non aggressive techniques such as the Hook and Latch (no glue no threads) Micro ring track, (nice flat technique without stressing your hair) or the integrated weave hair extension techniques. You can see what these techniques look like by visit our website for more information.

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