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Amber Steele asks:
I recently moved from Los Angeles to Cambridge. I am looking for someone who has experience with the Japanese straightener solution. I have very fine, very curly, mously brown hair and it breaks if you look at it wrong. My sister suggested I have a perm done with the japanese solution. Who should I go to? I am willing to travel.

Richard WardAnswered By:
Richard Ward
Iím not sure which system you are referring too. Is it the Yuko system? If so, Iíd suggest you visit their website and find their stockist details that way and then have a consultation with the nearest salon. Iím not sure why you would want a perm if you are talking about a straightening treatment...

Jayne asks:
I am 18 in a few days and I have noticed that I have grey hair and a lot of my hair falls out and I do not know what to do. Could you help me?

Tony MaleedyAnswered By:
Tony Maleedy
Extensions are excellent for masking fine hair and we can use a technique called micro extensions which are very fine sections. I have been an expert in this field for over ten years and have many clients who have similar sounding problems to you. I am based in Birmingham and would be very happy to give you a consultation (Scandals 0121 445 1492). If this is too far, then give Racoon Hair Extensions a call on 01295 770999 10 nearest salons to you. You can visit one of the Racoon salons and the trained salons will be able to advice you.

Lindsay asks:
i have a strange hair problem. right after i wash it and attempt to dry it, it never gets dry underneath near the scalp. the ends are fine, but for some reason, it seems there is build up on my scalp or something. iíve used every kind of shampoo, including purifying. do you think it could have to do with the water?

Tony MaleedyAnswered By:
Tony Maleedy
I donít think your problem has anything to do with the water, it sounds like, perhaps, an oily substance could have built up on this part of your hair and is resisting removal by the shampoo. Oil is usually removed well under normal washing conditions, silicone, however, which is found in many hair products can be more difficult to remove, particularly in products in which it is highly concentrated such as serums. I think a radical treatment my be called for. Before you wet your hair apply a large quantity of non-silicone shampoo (without Dimethicone on the ingredient list) to the hair in the area near the scalp where you feel it never gets dry. Gently work it into the hair and scalp, and then add warm water to allow a lather to form, rinse and lather again in the normal way. This process will remove any oil or silicone which has built up and you can start afresh. Finally, remember not to let conditioner touch your scalp. Conditioners are excellent for improving the condition of the hair but they can cause the hair to become too oily if they are applied to the scalp.

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