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Ellie asks:
I want hair extensions as I have shoulder length hair and would like it longer. But I am unsure whether I can, because I dye my hair blonde?

Michelle GriffinAnswered By:
Michelle Griffin
When you have hair extensions all reputable technicians will give you a thorough consultation to determine if you can wear extensions (ie your hair may be too fine or damaged from colouring) before they agree to apply extensions. If you have bleached hair then in most cases as long as it is not brittle or snaps easily, then you will be suitable for extensions. I would suggest that you treat your hair a deep conditioning mask a couple of weeks prior to your extensions to ensure your hair is optimum strength. Then when you have the extensions only use formulated haircare products such as the Racoon-Xtend range to keep the hair moisturised and in great condition. The new Racoon-Xtend Deep Conditioning Hair Mask will help to keep your extensions and bleached hair conditioned too.

Amber Steele asks:
I recently moved from Los Angeles to Cambridge. I am looking for someone who has experience with the Japanese straightener solution. I have very fine, very curly, mously brown hair and it breaks if you look at it wrong. My sister suggested I have a perm done with the japanese solution. Who should I go to? I am willing to travel.

Richard WardAnswered By:
Richard Ward
Im not sure which system you are referring too. Is it the Yuko system? If so, Id suggest you visit their website and find their stockist details that way and then have a consultation with the nearest salon. Im not sure why you would want a perm if you are talking about a straightening treatment...

Jayne asks:
I am 18 in a few days and I have noticed that I have grey hair and a lot of my hair falls out and I do not know what to do. Could you help me?

Tony MaleedyAnswered By:
Tony Maleedy
Extensions are excellent for masking fine hair and we can use a technique called micro extensions which are very fine sections. I have been an expert in this field for over ten years and have many clients who have similar sounding problems to you. I am based in Birmingham and would be very happy to give you a consultation (Scandals 0121 445 1492). If this is too far, then give Racoon Hair Extensions a call on 01295 770999 10 nearest salons to you. You can visit one of the Racoon salons and the trained salons will be able to advice you.

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