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Nadia asks:
I am thinking of getting a perm but I want a really loose wave (no tight curls) my hair is quite frizzy and has a really messy curl/wave to it, is a perm right for me, will it make my hair more frizzy and bushy? My hairdressers do half head perms & Redken perms I wondered what they mean and are they right for me.

Diana DudasAnswered By:
Diana Dudas
I am not sure that getting a perm is right for you. It may be better to use styling products that will add moisture to your hair and enhance the curl. Do not use anti-frizz products as they tend to contain silicone and cause product build up. You are much better off using a good moisturising product and a good liquid styling lotion. This will enhance and define your curls and also reduce the amount of frizz.

Marie asks:
I have been having my brown hair highlighted with fine blonde streaks for about a year, but on the last salon visit they put in thick highlights and had to recolour with brown to thin them out. Now my hair is very dry and feels rough when wet. I have an appointment for a cut but do not know whether to let them recolour. It was done in late October and I have been putting it off since.

Pablo AlvarezAnswered By:
Pablo Alvarez
Well the best advice that I could give you is when you go back to the salon perhaps get them to do a strand test this would tell you if its condition is suitable. Also you should be treating your hair with a good conditioner or treatment. I can suggest a good one which is J.F. Lazartigue moisturizing mask. However if the colour is right now perhaps your hairdresser should only touch up the roots

Ellie asks:
I want hair extensions as I have shoulder length hair and would like it longer. But I am unsure whether I can, because I dye my hair blonde?

Michelle GriffinAnswered By:
Michelle Griffin
When you have hair extensions all reputable technicians will give you a thorough consultation to determine if you can wear extensions (ie your hair may be too fine or damaged from colouring) before they agree to apply extensions. If you have bleached hair then in most cases as long as it is not brittle or snaps easily, then you will be suitable for extensions. I would suggest that you treat your hair a deep conditioning mask a couple of weeks prior to your extensions to ensure your hair is optimum strength. Then when you have the extensions only use formulated haircare products such as the Racoon-Xtend range to keep the hair moisturised and in great condition. The new Racoon-Xtend Deep Conditioning Hair Mask will help to keep your extensions and bleached hair conditioned too.

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