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Ema asks:
I have very thick long brown hair, I straighten it when I wash it but naturally it is very frizzy. It takes me over an hour an to straighten! It looks nice when I straighten it- it is shiny and in good condition but when I just want to leave it, it is so flyaway and in between curly and wavy. Is it time for me to get it cut I would still like it long but in a more refined style. Which style should I go for? I am 15 years old.

Pablo AlvarezAnswered By:
Pablo Alvarez
I would like to suggest a style that would allow you to wear it straight, curly, down or up

I would use Julia Roberts as an inspiration V shaped at the back with long layers.

Sharon asks:
My hair is really really long and I want to cut it but keep it the same length. I want to have really short layers like a bob style also I want a fringe. What do you think would look right?

Diana DudasAnswered By:
Diana Dudas
It might not look good to have a full fringe if you are keeping it really long, but a side fringe or wispy fringe may be fine. You could get some short layers that would give your style some movement and maybe have the hair shaped around the face to give a softer appearance.

Nathalie asks:
I have long medium brown hair and I would love to dye it blonde but my friend says that you cannot have long hair if you colour it because hair stops growing and breaks off and this is why Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson wear extensions. Is she right? Or would I be able to keep it in good condition.

Richard WardAnswered By:
Richard Ward
People wear extensions for a number of reasons such as they cannot wait for it to grow naturally or it just will not physically grow as long as they want. If you already have naturally long hair then that is great! Colouring long hair is fine as long its applied correctly, maintained and conditioned regularly. Rather than going for a block blonde colour which will require serious upkeep, I would suggest you have highlights and build the colour from here. Going blonde is less damaging than it used to be as most professional hair colours have conditioning agents and protection in the ingredients. As long as you use deep conditioning treatment on a regular basis, visit the salon for regular colour and treatments, there should be no reason why your hair would snap and break off.

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