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Zoe asks:
I have long fine hair which is straight on top then gets curler from the ears down, however there is loads of hair so it looks quite thick. My problem is that it gets very flyway whether it is wavy or straightened and just ends up with lots of different flyway hairs all over the place with no definition or sleekness.

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
Flyaway hair can be a problem, but it can be tamed simply by spritzing some hairspray onto your hairbrush or comb before brushing through your hair. Do not use too much though or your hair may get sticky. Try my Flick Tease styling spray, which is perfect for keeping your hair in place without clogging your locks! For added sleekness, you could always try applying a serum, such as my Poker Straight Glistening Balm. Apply to your hair before blow-drying ... that way you can be sure your hair will always be soft, smooth and fly-a-way free!

Belinda asks:
I am 34 and have had a very stressful year my hair has started to show noticeable white particularly on the left side. I rushed in and had some highlights but you could still see the white ones so I asked for a permanent dye to match my hair but due to crossed lines the hairdresser put some more highlights in I left it for a while but the colour difference between the hair that is not coloured and the highlights bothered me too much so this time I did get it dyed to match my own colour just after this I put some coconut oil on which I have been doing for a couple of years now then I used a blend of oils with neem in it and the first time I washed my hair most of the colour came out so I had to get a home kit and do it myself so how can I keep the colour in I am using Redkens Colour range at the moment I also have very long hair it is just on 40 inches and (doní t laugh) I want TO grow it TO floor length it hasnít got far TO go AS I am ONLY 5 ft 2 " so how can I keep it protected so it can keep on growing without breakage so I can be a mini Crystal Gayle.

Trevor SorbieAnswered By:
Trevor Sorbie
If you look after your hair it will grow to around 46 inches but you need to keep it trimmed and conditioned or it will split and break. Very long hair is not very fashionable though and I would suggest a shorter more modern style. I do not advise using coconut oil as it will sit on the outside of the hair as it is too vicious to penetrate. To counteract breakage, intensive treatment sprays and alternating repair shampoo and colour shampoo will help. Also, invest in Mason and Pearson brush for your correct hair type ie fine, medium or thick hair and a wide tooth carbon comb which will help minimise damage to the hair as it grows.

Liza asks:
I recently got my hair cut, the longest part being just below the shoulders, and layers throughout, with a choppy fringe. My hair is very fine and soft, and feather-like, but this is not the look I am going for. I want a choppy, layered look, and I was wondering, what products should I use to get this effect? I am 15, and wash my hair in the evening, towel-dry, and go to bed. How can I achieve this look in the morning, when my hair is dry before school? Also, If I leave my hair out for a while, it gets very frizzy. Should I use an anti frizz serum of some sort?

Pablo AlvarezAnswered By:
Pablo Alvarez
I recommend for a choppy slept on look that you use a product called Label M Sea Salt Texture Spray, wash your hair as normal and spray it on evenly scrunch dry and leave this will give you a nice choppy look. If you find it quite fluffy in the morning then spray a spray shine on and ruffle the hair and add more sea salt spray in the morning to help achieve this look

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